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Photo Cactus Garden

Not into live plants? Here’s an alternative – make a photo cactus garden! This is great project for kids because you can teach them about garden life and then incorporate it into a hands-on activity! Even better, this photo cactus garden does not require any watering or food!

 here is the video!

YouTube video



Photo paper

Small flower pot


Small rocks

Bamboo skewers


Use your smart phone to take pictures of different cactuses. Make sure to go for assorted textures and colors. NOTE: You are not taking pictures of the cactus overall, but the surface area.

Upload the images and if you want, bump up the resolution to make them look nice and bright!

Print onto glossy photo paper, paint the flower pot, let dry and fill with the small rocks.

Draw a cactus pattern on a sheet of paper and cut out to make a template.

Cut two side of the template and use to use out shapes on the photo paper with the cactus image printed on it.

Glue the two sides together, glueing the bamboo skewer in the center.

Insert into flower pot!

Add little flowers tot he top from colored gift tissue or fabric mini-roses.

Enjoy your photo cactus garden!

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