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Snapchat: Follow These Awesome People!


Snapchat peeps: Are you looking to follow awesome people? Or maybe you just want to liven up your feed a bit. I follow a LOT of accounts, I LOVE Snapchat! I’ve been on about a year-and-a half, thanks to my daughter, @MayaInTheMoment. I used to hate that she spent so much time sharing content that vanished. Then she talked me into trying it and I became hooked! The content doesn’t really vanish, it lasts for 24 hours and you can save it to your camera roll.

For today’s list, I decided to do something different and share accounts of random people I came across. They aren’t necessarily crafters, just creative, business-minded and positive folks in general. And at the end, I’m sharing other faves, because they have cool accounts as well.

I’ve only met two of these people in real life, the others, I’m just a spectator! I promise these eight Snappers will make you laugh, learn and have a better day because of their snaps. I promise!

@AmberAziza is a millionaire millennial who runs ASquaredCoach.com. She has sold several businesses thanks to her magnetic personality and boardroom smarts. I first discovered her on Periscope where she shared best practices for speakers. Of course I had to search her up on Snapchat! She shares behind-the-scenes of working with her clients from all over the world, and often gives out free KILLER business tips for entrepreneurs. This comes in handy because she is booked with clients all the way into 2017!

@StreetGourmetLA is by Bill Esparza, a Los Angeles food blogger who travels all over the world visually documenting his menu selections of choice – mostly Mexican cuisine. Your mouth will drop in amazement, and drool at the same time. If you like Anthony Bourdain, you’ll probably love these snaps too. Speaking of which – I wonder if Anthony Bourdain has a snap…*Goes to look. Returns. Can’t find him*

@GiniCanBreathe is a young woman I first discovered on YouTube. I fell in love with her channel because every video she shares has purpose and positivity. And realness. Truth talk. In this online world where most people only want to show the poised and propped angle of life, Gini gets real and has conversations about everything from happiness to politics to making money. Her snaps are often dreamy, creative and perfect for any age.

@WhiteHouse – Never in my life did I ever think, “I wonder what happens at the White house on a daily basis!” I don’t even remember how I found the account, but I’m glad I did. There is always something educational and entertaining happening there – from the interns-in-training to events to guests, and so on.

@CocoAndBreezy are twin sisters I met at We All Grow Summit in March. They followed their passions of designing eyewear by day and dj-ing at night. We get to follow along as they travel the globe to strut down many a fashion runway, sketch new designs on a napkin, dance on top of hotel beds, and even just hang out in their hometown of NYC. One of their rules of life is to wake up each morning and shake your bootie to some grooves. No matter what!

@EvaLongoria, yes her! I used to follow some other celebrity snaps, but they were too staged and promotional. Usually an assistant offers some basic scenes of a tour, etc. Not Eva. She gets in there and snaps from her bed (sans make up!), on the dance floor with friends, eating BBQ with her family, jumping on the trampoline with her nieces and so on. During Telenovela season, she used to have the entire cast over at her house to live Tweet and one night she took a bite out of each chocolate in an assortment box, then tried to deny it. They busted her and it was hilarious to see it all unfold. She’s silly and is not afraid to show it!

@ShaunAyala is someone I just discovered at Hispanicize last month. He’s great! He is a Snapchat genius. He doesn’t tell us what to do, he shows in his everyday life. So creative with his pictures and videos. and I love that everything is grounded in delivering positive messages and lots of creativity! A dose of happiness for your day! And check out his site, he has a tutorial for all things Snapchat!

@OmgItsEddieGee has become a dear amigo of mine thanks to social media! I started as a fan of his snaps and YouTube videos and had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the We All Grow Summit. He puts in a lot of work and love into everything he offers – comedy with a conscious. All his videos will make you bust your gut laughing, then make you stop and think…hmmm.

OK, naturally, I have to share some of my other faves too!

@SwellDesigner – Alexa is one of my besties and she has embraced Snapchat as a way to share DIY ideas and social media tips for the creative arts industry!

@UrbanJibaro – Positive vibes from NYC!

@ToddyRockstar – Funny as heck, and a treat when he breaks into song!

@CurvesAndChaos – Plus-size lifestyle fashion!

@JoseResendez – What’s it’s like to be a fancy PR dude in Miami! Lots of celeb sightings!

@StrongVida and @DarielaCruz – These sisters have their own accounts and run a business together caled DariDesign.com. They snap about the process of illustration from sketch to product!

@DavidAndTea – David Lopez is one of my favorite Viners and his snaps are just as fun. He shows life with a baby, his wife, Vines gone wrong and more.

@pearmama – A mom who shows the laughter and drama with a six kids!

@PSiMadeThis – Erica is always on a crafty mission of some sort and entertains us along with way with her clever snaps!

@HydrangeaHippo – Business lessons for those of us full-time creativepreneurs!

@NikkiKestenbaum – Nicole from Lipstick and Brunch is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who shares beauty tips and Houston life!

@QueMeansWhat – Melanie Gonzales reports from all kinds of awesome events from San Antonio!

@xoxoLizza – From Dubai to New York and everywhere in between, Lizza is literally on the go in every snap. Lots of giveaways and sneak peeks into celeb parties and award shows too!

@LorraineCLadish – freelance writer, author and founder of VivaFifty.com, she shares advice, tools and insights for the blogging world without sounding preachy or bossy!

@MayaInTheMoment – MAYA! Comedy and real talk. And cameos of me every now and then!

@PresleysPantry – Her husband is the bass player for Morrissey and she is an epic food blogger. And the mom of the cutest little boy ever!

@RealRubyDW – My dear friend Ruby! So hilarious! She does not hold back on sharing the craziness that happens in her house, so funny and so cute! Cooking dinner, travel, husband vs. wife showdowns, all of it is gold!

@SassyMamainLA – Yolanda has become one of the top entertainment bloggers and for good reason! She gives great feedback on the movies and celebs we are so curious about! And it’s so fun to watch her family join in as well!

I better stop there so I don’t overwhelm you! I’ll do a second round next month if you’re interested! If you want to learn more about Snapchat, check out the ebook – The Snapchat Hustle, the authors break it down in easy chunks!

Are you on Snapchat? Leave your handle in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Snapchat: Follow These Awesome People!”

  1. I’m going to follow all of these accounts right now! p.s. I lost it at ‘I wonder if Anthony Bourdain has a snap…*Goes to look. Returns. Can’t find him*’ hahaha

  2. Hey, thanks for posting this. It’s a couple of years later now, so I don’t know how many are still active, but I followed a few of them. I’m just looking for regular people to follow, people who aren’t acting or out to impress. I’m a regular person posting about everyday things, got a new automatic little box (that was todays post), doing laundry, grocery shopping, really … everyday stuff. Well, I do also post about my crafts. And, of course, I followed you. I hope you’re still active. If not, come back! lol I’m @penpaperpam


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