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Free Crafty Chica Coaching (via SpareMin)!



I was recently introduced to a really cool new app called SpareMin. The idea is so simple and smart – five minute phone conversations, without a phone number or video or desktop. And each call is limited to your choice of five, ten or fifteen minutes (public or private). It’s a great way for online personalities to communicate and connect with their audience without ‘like’ buttons or texting. Just a classic, old school authentic phone conversations!

I’m going to offer six five-minute coaching sessions EVERY Monday, 12 pm PT. I’ll tell you how it works below!

My friend Amy Mascott from TeachMama.com uses it faithfully to share quick interviews, coaching sessions and more.

First you download the app. It’s free! It’s only for mobile, not desktop.

iOS: iTunes Store — SpareMin

Android: Google Play Store — SpareMin

Set up your profile or import it from Facebook or LinkedIn. Enter your handle and all the bio info. Then go into settings. You’ll need to enable notifications so you can know when someone you want a conversation with is accepting calls.

If you want one of the free coaching sessions on Monday, set up a talk request with me @CraftyChica. You’ll get a reminder!

So, say I set up my coaching block for Monday at noon for six five-minute conversations, but 50 people want to talk to me. The six people will be chosen at random. BUT if I specifically want to talk to a certain person, I’ll let them know privately what time I’ll be on, then they can watch for my notification to sign on. Check out Amy’s blog post and how she uses SpareMin!

On the other end, as the person accepting calls, you can decide if you want to keep each conversation private or public. It’s a great tool for private coaching or for mini-interviews that you can share. If I set my calls for five-minutes, both people will receive a countdown timer towards the end to let them know the conversation is about to wrap up.


OK! Add me and let’s talk!


We only have five minutes, so nail down your question to give me time to answer and you to respond! You can also leave a comment below with your question, then on Monday I can refer to it to get more info about you!

Your topic can be about your business, a site critique, a crafty question, a pep talk, whatever you want! HEY – how about this too: You can promote your business, let me interview you about your company, then I can put it on public to help spread the word!

I’m so excited to talk to you guys!

Don’t forget:

Download the app. iOS: iTunes Store — SpareMin and Android: Google Play Store — SpareMin

Set up your account.

Add me @CraftyChica, put in a talk request.

You’ll be notified with a reminder on Monday to click the button to call me. It’s all done via the app, no phone numbers!

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4 thoughts on “Free Crafty Chica Coaching (via SpareMin)!”

  1. What an awesome opportunity!

    How to get your work noticed by companies? They notice, but how do you engage them. I fall short of something.

  2. I love this idea! If I get picked I really want to know. .. How do you do it it all? I have admired your business for a long time. Sometimes when I feel too ambitious I look to your business model, but really …how do you manage it all?


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