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Tropical Tunes for Your Playlist


Time for a Tropical Mental Getaway!

This month we have a collaborative list from me, Kathy and the awesome Pili Montilla! We each have different tastes and styles and we thought it would be fun to serve up our favorite tropical tunes, just in time for the summer heat. I know many of us are itching for a vacation. I sometimes think to myself…. gosh I wish I were on a beach right now with the sand in my toes and the ocean breeze in front of me. I know there are many of us that are so caught up in our daily lives that we sometimes forget to take a mental break. We hope these artists will transport you into your dream tropical getaway. Whether it’s a beach in Hawaii, Mexico, or Jamaica, sit back and enjoy!

Pili Montilla is a musical tastemaker. She curates concerts, playlists, acts, and hosts events! Here are some of her picks for your playlist. Make sure to follow her on Twitter/Instagram/Periscope: @pilimontilla and @teparatrestv too!Pili Montilla

Pili’s picks:

Danay Suarez: This gorgeous and talented Cubana is rising in popularity quickly! With a mixture of jazz, reggae, R&B and even rap, her distinctive voice will make you an instant fan.

YouTube video

Cultura Profectica: They’ve been around for 20 years. But one of the best reggae bands in Español by far.

YouTube video

International Dub Ambassadors: New on the scene, but they are making their way thanks to their infectious arrangements that will get you up and out of your chair.

YouTube video

SOJAAmerican Grammy-nominated reggae band based in Arlington, Virginia, powerful reggae dub and bass!

YouTube video

Making Movies: This Kansas band is all about celebrating tropical sounds and Afro-Latino rhythms. Lovely mellow beats in some of their songs.

YouTube video

Will’s picks:

Better Together– Jack Johnson

YouTube video

Red Red Wine– UB40

YouTube video

Summer Nights– Iration

YouTube video

Cool Down The Pace– Gregory Isaacs

YouTube video

Green Mountain State– Trevor Hall

YouTube video

Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1219164496/playlist/5lhKUBsb7DhOphyGVVrdmX

Kathy’s picks:

Elastic Bond: I was turned on to this group by Pili earlier this year. I bought their album, it’s so slick and cool!

YouTube video

Bomba Estéreo: One of my all-time faves. A combo of tropical chic with afrobeat, soulful lyrics. Can’t go wrong.

YouTube video

Locos Por Juana: These Miami rockers never disappoint, one song from them will get your party started.

YouTube video

Gondwana: Music that shoots straight into your heart and speaks to your soul.

YouTube video

Do you feel transported yet? After listening to all these songs, we could practically feel the ocean breeze blowing across our skin. We hope you feel the same and were able to get away from your daily routine.

All I know is I am ready to book my trip to the Caribbean soon! The beach is calling my name!

See you next month!

– Will

Will Medina is a Phoenix resident with a passion for new and meaningful music. He always keeps up to date with current music and has been known to bust a move to some Top 40 hits from time to time.

Tumblr: veryvinyl.tumblr.com or http://veryvinyl.net

Instagram: will_m21

Twitter: @will_m21



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