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Glam Rock Embellished Headphones

DIY Glam Rock headphones by CraftyChica.com

I’ve been seeing these crazy embellished headphones all over Pinterest and knew my life wouldn’t be complete unless I made a pair. I LOVED this project! It’s so over-the-top and I’m happy I invested in a wireless set. I wear these all over the house and feel oh-so-fancy! You can buy cheap costume jewelry or gather up your odds and ends. I did a little of both!

Check out my video tutorial below!


I found a really nice pair that came in matte black in either silver or gold trim. I went for the gold! Instead of painting on them, I checked out the jewelry area and BINGO! I found my embellished headphone magic components!


Here’s what I ended up with! I bought an assortment of jewelry items that I could easily take apart and glue to the headphones. I also pulled out my 3-in-1 jewelry tool for disconnecting the pieces. You’ll also need extra strength adhesive and painters tape (or masking tape).


The first thing I did was take part the jewelry. The cool thing is whatever is left over, I can use on future projects. spoken like a true crafter, right?


Choose what you want to glue first and apply the glue. Set the pieces in place and then apply the tape to hold the pieces while the glue dries.

NOTE: Make sure you can easily adjust the headphones before you glue anything, you don’t want to glue on top of the moving parts.


Continue, until everything is in place. While it’s drying, you can go put together some awesome playlists to listen to later!


After an hour, remove the tape. Everything is set in place.


And here they are, ready for use! You can slide them back in the box or decorate a new box.


Here is where you can see all the features of the headphones! What else does this mom need in her life?


Here’s an image you can use to pin this project!


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