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How to Make Slime – GALAXY SLIME DIY!

Want to know how to make slime? This is galaxy slime tutorial came about with my friend Alexa!  It’s been around for years, and it’s super popular over on YouTube these days. This is a classic craft that will never go away.

As far as what to do with the slime? I’m still thinking about that! Right now, all I know is it feels good to hold in your hands, kinda like a stress ball that is not compact.

Photo credit: Alexa Westerfield! Check out her site, TheSwellDesigner.com

How to make slime – SUPPLIES:

Bowl, spoon, liquid starch, clear tacky glue, glitter, a bit of dye


Pour some glue into a bowl.


Add a drop of dye and glitter and stir.


Add in a splash of starch and stir. It will become super goopy. Keep stirring until it becomes a ball, almost like a ball of dough. Galaxy dough!


Pick it up with your hands and knead it. If it is too sticky, you’ll need to add a bit more starch. It should feel gooey and be able to roll off your hands easily.

And that’s pretty much it! Make sure to store it in plastic wrap and keep tightly covered!


IDEAS: Pack it up in small containers and give it to your friends. Use it as a meditation tool, play with it to help you relax. Have a slime-making party!


Well, now you know how to make slime, hope you have fun!


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