Heart Crayons Tutorial (With Glitter!)

How to make glittered heart crayons, craftychica.com

I made this glittered heart crayons tutorial years ago and it’s one of my top YouTube videos. What’s funny is that I realized I don’t even have it here on my site! Time to change that! This is a great summer projects to make with the kids. I don’t recommend the kids doing without adult supervision, things heat up quickly with this craft! But parents and kids can work together to choose the colors, the shape of the molds and so on. I love this heart mold, but I’ve also seen stars and circles.

NOTE: Once you use the mold for this craft, you cannot use it for food! Visit your local dollar store for molds and crayons, probably even glitter!

First of all, here is the video tutorial:


Silicone heart pan


Polyester glitter




Remove all the paper from the crayons and break them into thirds. Separate them by color. Place inside each compartment. you can do one with a mixture of reds and pinks, another with blues, etc. Or just mix them all up.

Set the tray in the microwave and heat on high for 45-second intervals until the crayons begin to melt. You have to do this slow or the crayons will burn.

Once they are melted, wearing oven mitts, remove the ray from the microwave. Be very careful, as the wax is extremely hot! Sprinkle in the glitter and use a chopstick to gently fold in the glitter. Don’t stir, or you’ll mix all of the colors together.

Let cool for 30-minutes, then pop out the crayons from the mold.



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