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Ice Cream, Fruit Bar, Popsicle Mash-up



Have you ever had trouble choosing between a popsicle, ice cream or a fruit bar? Yah, me too! It’s 120 degrees here in Phoenix, I deserve better than to only have one – but not all the calories of three desserts.

Taaaa-daaa! Let me present to you a triple-play solution!

My inspiration comes by way of a new summer campaign I’m working on with Unilever to celebrate the TuTwist web series on ViveMejor.com. It stars Giselle Blondet, the author of I’m 50, So What? and is written by comedian and star of Comedy’s Central’s Alternatino, Arturo Castro. The two are so awesome together, the web series is entertaining, but also packs a lot of great info! Giselle and Arturo each bring their own fun flavor and personality to the show, it’s super cute!  You’ll find all kinds of clever recipes for summer there – click here to see the second episode that just went up!

tu-twistThey inspired me to come up with a tasty idea to help us all chill during this crazy heat wave.

I used three frosty treats: Breyers Natural Strawberry Ice Cream, which includes milk and cream that are American and come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones! Sugar-Free Cherry Popsicles (I’m watching calories over here!) and Fruttare Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bars because they are also made from natural ingredients.

I also added in some diced fresh strawberries!


Take three of each bar and cut them into small chunks and put in separate bowls. Scoop the ice cream in a small bowl as well.


Let them melt.


Layer into the popsicle containers.


These are a great way to keep the kids busy while you make dinner, or a fun playdate activity. You can customize them by mixing and matching the ingredients. I like that I was able to incorporate the sugar-free Popsicles, as well as a little bit of ice cream. And the Fruttare bars are a perfect addition!mash-up-pops4

Freeze for a couple hours.

To remove, run under water, then grip the handle and with the other hand gently squeeze the body of the container until you see the contents separate from the sides. Be very gentle and take your time. It will slide on to the stick firmly. Enjoy!

Here’s a fun Boomerang video we made!


Make sure to follow the #TuTwist campaign to see all the other creatively cool recipes!

Visit them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @ViveMejor @Breyers @Fruttare @Popsicle

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