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I’m currently accepting new clients to work with this summer! I love to use what I’ve learned in my career to help other people achieve their personal and professional goals. I have a lot of expertise under my crafty belt – I started Crafty Chica as a late night passion project in 2003 and now do it full-time!

I didn’t work one avenue, I worked several!

Things like…

Operating my own retail and wholesale art business. Writing a nationally syndicated newspaper column. Designing three national product lines. Storytelling, both written and live on stage. Writing and publishing nine books – both fiction and non-fiction. Teaching and speaking. Video editing, graphic design, editing copy. Goal setting, creative roadmapping. Marketing and publicity. Event production. Content curation. Photography and styling. Blogging, social media and more.

Tell me your challenges and I’ll break it down and help you find a path that fits your style. I’m proud to call myself a master motivator and happiness enthusiast! I’ve been consulting creativepreneurs since 2011! Last year I took some time off to work on my own projects. But I always receive feedback and questions asking about consulting, brain picking, all of that – so I’m excited to dive in again!

I only have time to take on a few clients, first come first serve! I don’t care if you are a newbie or looking to shake up a long-time business, if you are serious and ready to take action, I’m here to get the ball rolling.

This is a bit different than a traditional online course because I’ll be working with you one-on-one throughout a month. The goal of these sessions is to help you take your business up a few notches, start a business from the ground up, or bust through any roadblocks. I really want people who are excited to participate, are open-minded and ready to break out of their comfort zone. I have 20+ years of experience as a working artist, author, journalist, marketer and all around creative workaholic.

You can do it too! It takes devotion, a positive attitude, determination, self-discipline, and will and skills. But I also know it makes the job easier when you have a coach on the sidelines cheering you on, giving you tough-love feedback, offering insider tips, and doing the happy cry with you…that’s where I come in!

Whether you need to freshen up your blog, start a blog, prioritize your time, dive into a book proposal, problem solving, selling your art, branding, etc., these sessions are tailor-made just for you!

Here is an overview of what you will receive from my end: 

There will be an initial questionnaire where we’ll zero in on your challenge spot(s) and devise a glittery plan to beef it up!

– Two 30-minute phone (your choice), Skype or email consultations.
– Detailed blog and social media critique with a list of suggested improvements OR tools to launch your blog.
– One round of typed conversation notes, that include a custom creative roadmap, goal setting, action list. This will be provided at the end of the month.
– I will brainstorm ideas for your business in both marketing, virality, content, and income.
– Expanding your reach to other markets and audiences.
– Review/suggestions for allocation of content, time, and resources.
– Optional three-month follow up phone/Skype or email conversation.
– Downloadable PDF worksheets for you to work on as homework at your leisure, these come as part of the FREE access to my previous e-courses: Kamikaze Publicity, Get Motivated, and How To Shine Online.

Or we can zero in on niche areas: Tips on making graphics, video production, virality, social media, gaining traffic, etc. You tell me what you need and I’ll focus on those for you.

I will provide you with a wealth of ideas and steps to take, but it is up to you to follow up, take action and make it happen with my coaching! I’ve had clients who only need one phone call to get going, others use all three sessions, it’s a wide range – whatever works best for you. It’s all up to you to take this opportunity and run with it. I’m excited to help in any way I can, as long as you are excited to invest the time and energy into the “homework” I give you.

Once you sign up, I’ll send you a questionnaire, which I’ll review, then write up notes for our first session. For our first session, I’ll give you an overview of suggested improvements, I’ll present it to you and we’ll discuss. We’ll go over your roadblocks and ways to get rid of them. I’ll give you a list of action items, then we’ll check in mid month to see where you are at, then we’ll have a round-up session towards the end of the month. If you like, we can do a three-month follow up, that is left open for you to follow up on when you need to touch base on your progress!

These sessions will be about pinpointing where you want to go and how to get there. I do not hold back with ideas, be ready to take a lot of notes, and have an open mind!

Price $300.00

NOTE: Limited offering, I can’t take on more than a few people. First come, first serve!

Click here to purchase your spot!

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