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How to Paint Mexi-Style Ceramic Bowls


Here’s how to paint Mexi-style ceramic bowls. I’ve been obsessed with Mexican fabrics, since, like forever. From the gorgeous embroidered peasant blouses to colorful striped serapes to heavy woven rugs. Because I’m lacking in the kitchen home decor department, I made my own Mexi-style serving bowls. 


How to Paint Mexi-Style Ceramic Bowls: Supplies:

The first thing I did was print off images of designs I wanted to draw on my bowls.

Using a pencil, I sketched the designs on the bisque bowls, then chose the colors of paint, using Duncan Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes. In the past I’ve always used Duncan Concepts, but my friend Laura suggested I try Cover-Coat because I like thick coverage, it just takes one coat. Next, I used a pencil to draw my designs on my bowls, then then I painted away.


They dried and I added two coats of Duncan® Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze  – this not only fires glossy, but it’s non-toxic, which means I can use the bowls for food!

Lastly, fire these at Cone 06 in the kiln.


Didn’t they come out shiny and bright? All I need now is to show them off at a party or soiree of some sort!


These bowls are the exact reason why I started crafting and making art.

Instead of waiting to find what you want for your house, or being bummed that it doesn’t exist – how about making your own version? Where else could I find a set of heart nesting bowls, inspired by different Mexican fabrics? If they are out there, I haven’t found them!


Check your local paint on pottery store to paint your own, or use bake-on paint sold at the craft store. For non-fired pieces, you can use mutli-purpose paint and paint the outside of bowls or glasses (keep paint away from where food would touch though).

Thanks for checking out my post about how to paint Mexi-Style ceramic bowls.

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