My week with a Lexus RX450h


There I was, happily in my groove of crafting, writing, cooking, cleaning the house Cinderella style.

This was me. All day, every day.

Then, like a fairy godmother – POOF! A local auto rep invited me to try out a LexusRX450h for a week. Of course I said yes!

Our family has never been the fancy car type. We’re artists, my husband is a working musician, we’re always hauling equipment across town to one gig or another. Our SUV is more of a roadie than anything casual. So I was a little freaked out when it came to sitting behind the wheel of this baby.

One thing that helped?

Check out the gorgeous glitter finish! It’s like it was meant for me!


OK, I’m in. The first thing I did was get in the right frame of mind. I wanted to make the week count. As a full-time blogger and artist, many of my work hours are here in the house, I aimed to break away from that.


In order to “get there” – I ditched that plan and plotted out my favorite places to visit around town each day. I planned out some cute outfits, and pretended I was an entrepreneur in a flirty chick flick movie, peppy soundtrack and all!

Cue Stop Desire by Tegan and Sara!

Imagine me dancing in my car to this while sipping on a Horchata Latte from Tres Leches Cafe in central Phoenix. They have all kinds of crazy delicious Latin-style coffee drinks.




Transformation activated!

I spent a bit of time learning about all the features like the bluetooth option, custom air conditioning, satellite radio and more.


It was around this time I realized how I could really get used to this ride. I’ve heard people talk about how fabulous the Lexus brand is, and I always thought “a car is a car, it gets you from point A to point B.”

But after driving this for a week, I GET IT.

It’s called rockstar living!

I need more luxury in my life. I think that is the message the universe wanted to send me by lending me this car!

My favorite feature was the Panoramic View monitor that allows you to see everything next to, above and below the vehicle. We went all over town to shop, sightsee and chill. And the GPS, the cushiony seats, and extended legroom. Smooth and classy, that’s how I learned to roll.

Le sigh.


See my fancy shoes? I wore them to Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen & Bakery – they are known for breakfast, pastries and of course, my fave – coffee!


I also took advantage of movie screenings that week and jetted all the way from north Phoenix to Tempe Marketplace. Every time I had to leave the car, I had to stop and admire the glittery finish, lol!


At one point in the week I had to drop Maya off at the airport, so I was able to take advantage of the back space as well!


I also had a local speaking engagement that week, and it felt so awesome to drive up in style!


And aside from a few other places to sit and draw and doodle, the week came to an end. The car rep rang my doorbell to pick up the keys. It was kinda a tragic moment for me.

My biggest takeaway from this experience was to get out of the house daily and explore my city. It’s so easy to get in a routine of staying in the house to grind out the work day. I made the MOST of my Lexus experience and since returning the vehicle (sniffle!), I’ve pushed myself to change up my work week and support local businesses.

I pack up my drawing pad, a set of pencils and pens, a laptop and get to work outside of my comfort zone.


It helps me get a new perspective, breaks up the day and keeps me from getting burnt out!


Thank you so much to the folks at Lexus for granting me this awesome experience and opportunity!

Alrighty, here are the specs for the car, and here are the bennies that come with being a Lexus owner!

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  1. I just bought my first brand spanking new Lexus last month! My mom and son both drive a Lexus and love them. I have to say that I’ve not regretted it for one moment! I bought the sparkly white and LOVE the sparkle when the sun hits it! I named her Lola!


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