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How to Make a Fabulous & Functional Pegboard

Rina Gonzales for CraftyChica.com

I am so excited to share how to make a Fabulous and Functional Pegboard for your craft room! I actually made this pegboard for my new craft studio in Riverside, California.  I’m looking forward to all of the fun times, projects and workshops I will host at this studio. The room is not big – so a pegboard was perfect to help me store tools such as scissors, glue, stapler, heavy duty hole punch AND also for my DIY Craft Kits which I have up for sale.

So, let’s teach you how to make this project!

Supplies to install the Pegboard:


Pegboard Installation Kit & desired hardware accessories


Stud finder


Supplies to decorate the Pegboard:

Paint (2 colors)

Paint brush or sponge – I used Tulip Sponge Pouncers.


Painter’s Tape

Step 1: INSTALL: Once you have your materials, you can hang your pegboards in your craft room. Be sure that it is level and use a stud finder so that your pegboard will be stable to withstand the extra weight from your tools and the pegboard accessories – I used baskets on some of my pegboards.

TIP: My favorite baskets were from Lowe’s. Here is the link to those baskets. 

Installing a pegboard is often a two-person job when the board is large and will need to be held in place while you mark the stops to drill and for when you hang up the pegboard.   TIP: I would suggest that you do not hang your pegboard too high – you want to be able to reach all of your tools! I also suggest that you can put your pegboard up and then take it down to paint it.

Step 2: PAINT: Now you can paint you pegboard. I painted by pegboard the base color (pink) and I did 2 coats because the pegboard really soaks up the paint.


Step 3: STENCIL SET UP: After your pegboard has dried (I waited for it to dry overnight), then you can work on placing your stencils and achieving the look you want. I like to add a second layer of color with the stencils because they give a little bit of dimension and personality to your pegboard. You can set up the stencils to provide a design or use alpha stencils to label where items go – get creative!   I made a frame and hung a “Be Awesome” sign in the middle, the sign keeps me inspired to keep on crafting new projects.

Step 4: PAINT: Now is time to paint your second color once the stencils are secured with painter’s tape. Be sure to start with a light coat of paint using a paint brush or sponge. I like to use the Tulip Sponge Pouncers – they get into all of the small details of the stencil and if you carefully tape up your stencil you will not have many goofs. But hey – embrace the goofs – it is a creative process and you can always go back for touch ups.

Step 5: REMOVE YOUR STENCILS: You must wait for your second coat to dry pretty well and then carefully remove the stencils. Ta da – you have a fabulous pegboard!

Step 6: ADD YOUR CRAFTING TOOLS: Once the paint is totally dry, you now can add your hardware accessories and your crafty tools and materials. I have so many fun items on my pegboard including – countless scissors, a stapler, heavy duty hole punch, a yard stick, baskets filled with glue, twine, and stamps and ink pads.


I hope you enjoyed this DIY. I am really thankful to Crafty Chica for all of her help and tips she shared as I was preparing my craft studio – thank you Kathy!


Rina Gonzales is the owner of Mothership Scrapbook Gal and created “Crafty Happy Hour” in 2013. Her craft business is based in Riverside, California, with a mission to help people craft their special and everyday moments through craft events, DIY card kits and custom orders. For more inspiration from check out Rina’s website: www.mothershipscrapbookgal.com and find her on Facebook and Instagram @MothershipScrapbookGal, and on SnapChat @CraftyHappyHour.

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  1. I absolutely love her studio. It’s so inviting. She punches it up with color and cheery atmosphere. That peg board is art. So adorable. I need one!!


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