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Quick & Easy 4th of July Fixings



What do you do when you learn you are hosting a 4th of July party – tonight? Or maybe you just want to whip up a small feast for immediate family? That’s when you head over to your local Smart & Final! I was invited to participate in this campaign to show how easy it is to pull together a complete, yet affordable, Fourth of July fiesta!

This weekend marks the first of the busiest days of the year for Smart & Final. It all kicks off with the 4th of July celebration because so many of us American families are barbequing everything from burgers and ribs to fish and chicken.  The season is expected to be even busier in Smart and Final stores that many of the corporate team members are working on-site this weekend!

A bit of trivia – During this same week last year, percentages of ground beef, potatoes and watermelon were off the charts from years before. For example, Smart & Final sold 200% more hot dog packages!

I thought it would be fitting to make a quick and easy meal centered around them!


The first thing you should know – there are many hot dog options located throughout the store. I changed my mind about three times. First I went for this big box of Farmer John wieners, then I saw a box of Dodger Dogs -the extra long ones. I was all set with those until I came across polish sausages. We grilled them!

I made a feast for four. I used one box of 12 sausages, plus a variety of fixings – assorted cheeses, bacon, we made a batch of pico de gallo with veggies from the produce section of the store. For the buns, I bought a package of stadium-sized rolls.


I then added in a couple different types of salads.


Dessert is my favorite! You can do a halfway homemade trick and buy a cream pie and add a layer of Cool Whip, then top with fresh blueberries and strawberries.


And in the end, it will look like this!

And you can see how I also picked up some cake bites and cookies!


In the end, we had a meal that only took me about an hour to prepare, and came in at about $52. All it took was one visit to Smart and Final to find everyting we needed from the food, fruits and veggies, desserts, drinks, plates, napkins and even a few decorations. I can’t stress enough how this meal was perfect for us and our budget. We still had a lot leftover for lunch the next day.

Visit the Smart and Final site to find a location near you. There are also Smart & Final Extra! format stores. These have even bigger category sections, and some have on-site bakeries, self-serve bulk goods, and oven-roasted chicken.

Thank you so much for checking out my post, and I hope you have a fantastic Fourth of July!

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