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Back to School Eye Care + DIY Eyeglass Cases



Kids are back in school, which means let the homework begin! However they can’t finish those assignments if they can’t see clearly.

I learned this the hard way when DeAngelo was in 3rd grade. I wish there had been a program like Visionworks Let’s Go See back then to bring awareness to the importance of comprehensive eye exams for kids. He hadn’t been doing very well in school and we blamed him for not focusing. He had the basic vision tests, but nothing in-depth. Months into the school year, we received a call from the nurse that DeAngelo had taken a more extensive eye exam and failed miserably!

Poor baby, we had no idea! By the next day we suited him up with a proper exam and glasses.

“Mommy, these glasses are so cool, I can see the veins on each leave on the tree!” he said joyfully. 

*Mom melts into wall to hide from shame.*

OK, moms – don’t let this happen to you! Look into Visionworks Let’s Go See Campaign. It’s a national movement to encourage parents to get their children’s eyes thoroughly checked. And by that, they mean a comprehensive examination, not just a vision screening.

This is the mistake I made back then. I assumed the basic vision screening was all my kids needed, when really I should have taken both DeAngelo and Maya to the eye doctor for the full meal deal exam. Live and learn, right?


Here are some signs that your child may need glasses:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Squinting
  • Holding books close to their face or too far away
  • Sitting close to the TV, computer or tablet
  • Twisting or tilting their head to favor one eye
  • Frequent blinking or rubbing their eyes
  • Inability to judge distance properly (bumping into things)
  • Decreased performance in school and athletics

Make sure to add the annual comprehensive eye exam to your kid’s back-to-school checklist. You can visit http://www.letsgosee.net/ to sign up for a reminder. Maybe you aren’t a mom of little kids, but a grandma – you can sign up so your grandkid’s parents get the reminder.


And if you know of a family in need with a child who needs an eye exam, Visionworks Let’s Go See campaign is giving away 10,000 free comprehensive exams and complete pairs of glasses.

From the Visionworks site:

“Every child. Every year. So we’re giving out vouchers good for a free eye exam and glasses. If you don’t have vision insurance or Medicaid, aren’t signed up for ACA and can’t afford an eye exam and glasses, or if you know of a school or organization that has children who could benefit, apply for a free voucher here. An eye exam may be the simplest test kids ever take. It’s certainly the most important for helping shape their future outlook.

You can help a child or group of children to see better by nominating them below. Visionworks and Davis Vision will give away 10,000 eye exams and glasses to kids whose families can’t otherwise afford them. So, help us fulfill our vision that every school-age child receives an annual eye exam for back to school.”

And the fun part? Choosing a pair of cool-looking frames.

When this happened to DeAngelo, we felt so guilty, we let him pick any pair he wanted, which ended up as $350 PDiddy (this was in the early 2000s) designer frames. He wore them to a family wedding (as seen in the picture at the top of this post) and broke them that night.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d go with a plan like Visionworks, where they have a multitude of affordable, high quality frames to choose from. They even have them organized by color and personality!


RED: “I’m a leader.”   BLUE: “I’m social.”   GREEN: “I’m an adventurous.”

This post has been sponsored by Visionworks. All opinions are mine alone. #MiVisionworks

Now how about some DIY projects? Once you have the eyeglasses, if you are crafty like me, you’ll want to decorate the case!

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Turn an eyeglass case into a clutch

Make an eyeglass case from duck tape


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