Beaded Bobby Pins


I’m on a mission to find new ways to style my hair, and these beaded bobby pins are an easy fix! I have a LOT of small beads, all neatly organized by color and shape in  my art studio, as well as containers of small trinkets.  I combined all of them to create a variety of these bobby pins!

Here is the link to my video tutorial!

Note – You’ll need a silicone hot glue mat for this project, this is so that the glue won’t stick to the surface when it dries: Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat.


To make these, simply slide the bobby pins onto the mat, add a line of the glue and place your items on the top of the pin. Adjust as needed so they are evenly lined up. Let dry, remove and snip away any excess glue.


To make the beaded version, the video shows an easy method, basically you will thread on a bead and wrap the wire around and continue.


Thanks! And happy hair pinning!

Love & light,

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  1. Good end of summer project for some bored girls I know! Thanks, Kathy. Yours are works of art.

  2. have always loved your “everything” – you were on “I love to Create” right – i believe that is where I first bought your products – they are different and cool – even for an old arts and crafts person as moi – take care Chica – keep up the good work

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