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Create your own DIY cozy corner



There is one thing every house needs – an ultimate reading nook! You know, a comfy place where you can plop down, pick up your favorite book and get lost in the story.

 What’s nice about an area like this is it can also be used as a place to sketch, journal, or sit and calmly write out your goals. Heck, even a shopping list! There is something about peace and quiet that makes everything better. For this month’s Big Lots assignment, this was my task. I was happy to find that Big Lots has everything needed to create the perfect spot. And affordable, that will relax you even more!

Here is what our space looked like before!


Ugh. Icky. Blah. It had no sense of purpose, just a wasted, unused area. My husband went with me to Big Lots to see what we could find to change this energy and look!


There were a LOT of choices! We worked with one of the team members and he helped us narrow down our decision.

I wanted a higher chair, so he measured all of them to find it. I also wanted a large and roomy seat so I could curl up with the Chihuahuas, have room for my crafts when I’m watching TV, write on my laptop and so on.


We selected this Simmons Cuddler Recliner. It fit all of the above criteria, and I liked that there wasn’t a wide gap between the ottoman and the chair. My dogs are always jumping up and this gives them a nice platform to do so!

I also chose an easy-to-assemble bookcase. While the Big Lots staff pulled these items and took them to the front of the store, I shopped for accessories!


I love that there were so many bright colors! And my favorite were the affirmational decor items.

Once we got everything home, we put it all into place.

I bought:

  • The recliner
  • Bookcase
  • Curtain
  • Candles
  • Wall art

reading-nook4 reading-nook5 reading-nook6

I used a pillow that I made, and a lamp with an embellished shade. The blues, yellows and oranges came together nicely!


Books, of course!


What I love about this space is that is radiates positivity and warmth. And lots of happiness and comfort! I even have a place for my writing laptop.



Here are my tips for creating your own ultimate reading nook in your house:

  • Look for an area by a window for natural sunlight.
  • Pick up a curtain to block out the sun, if desired.
  • Choose a bookcase that is roomy enough to hold your favorite reads, plus any other items you’ll need – such as a journal, a candle, plants, picture frames.
  • For your recliner, make sure to sit and test them out. Find the one that is best for you. If you have a sore back, go for one that has a higher seatrest. If you have small pets who you know will jump up, ,maybe chose a lower seat.
  • Decide if you want a “cuddler” (roomy enough for two people) or a single chair.
  • Make sure to have proper lighting for reading.
  • Add a shirt end table to easily reach a coffee mug or power outlet to charge your phone or table.
  • Add lots of art! You can paint your own canvas, or buy pieces at Big Lots. They have a huge variety for all kinds of personalities!
  • Most importantly – use your new space! Enjoy!

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  1. Good Morning Chica, I love you’re new space!!❤️???????? gave me great ideas for a corner I didn’t know what to do with???? Keep up the wonderful ideas coming….many blessings????


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