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Time to Go RVing!



Are you as intrigued about RVing as I am? I’ve seen the ad campaigns and always thought the concept was beyond my lifestyle. One of my goals this year (thanks to feedback from all of you) is to increase my travel coverage. A few of you mentioned the idea of an RV adventure and I laughed, but secretly wanted to add it to my list. I didn’t know where or how to start, so I placed the idea on the backburner.

It turned out, the universe sent me a clear message – I was invited to be a brand ambassador for Go RVing at BlogHer16!

While at BlogHer16, I spent time in the #GoRVing booths learning all about the cool aspects of hitting the road in an RV. It’s a lot easier than I expected! Like with all things in life that you want to try – never think they are beyond your reach. All it takes is accepting the idea, believing in it, doing your research to make it happen. After speaking with the Go RVing team, I felt silly that I put off this dream/wish/goal for so long.

Knowledge is power! If RVing is on your life’s to-do list – check out the website to educate yourself on all that it entails. Life is too short to postpone a doable dream! I say this because I know the interest is there. When I posted about Go RVing on my social media accounts, the pictures received a lot of comments from my followers, friends and family. People were literally inviting themselves and even playfully arguing over who would get to go on this trip this wasn’t even planned! LOL! LOVE!! Let’s all start a cross country crafty caravan in RV style!



What I didn’t realize is that there is a huge range of RV models to choose from, depending on your lifestyle, personality, and what you want to do.


Go RVing had two areas at BlogHer16. The first one was held inside the Expo Hall and was more about the promo, awesome swag and a gift basket giveaway.


There were brochures that explained all the offerings – from parks around the country to tips and tricks for a smooth ride.


Outside, there were two units set up that you could visit.


I want this one! OK, let’s talk options. You can buy an RV brand new (they start at $6K) or used. But if you don’t want that kind of commitment, you can easily rent one. And not only that, you can rent it one way if you like. I think this is such an awesome bucket list vacation – you have to experience an RV trip! I know I want to!


The beauty is that you can sign off from your digital life and embrace family togetherness. One of the things I loved about Sheryl Crow’s keynote at BlogHer16 was the part she said about turning off your phone when you are with your kids or parents. All those dings from notifications can be distracting and make you miss the simple pleasure moments of daily life.

I went inside the larger RV and saw that it is just like a cozy home. A master bedroom, shower and bathroom, a fridge, stove, kitchen table and seating area. And the latter two areas convert into bedding. In this model, it held up to seven people! Lots of family bonding time!

GoRVing6Here is the dining area, great for playing board games or late night storytelling!

Or even better – CRAFTING! I can just see all my portable bead trays set up. I would make a batch of Happiness Bracelets and pass them out to people I meet along my trip as a Random Act of Kindness.

Or even BETTER: Writing! I’m still plugging away at my third novel; I think this type of environment would offer a lot of inspiration.


One thing that a Go RVing team member mentioned to me is that this is a great alternative to flying. If you have a family vacation, think about the benefits of traveling in an RV as opposed to flying. You can take time to stop and do more sightseeing, avoid the hassle of airports and baggage fees, etc. Everything you need to know to do this is on the Go RVing website, like where to find a campgroundhow to rent an RV, and destination ideas if you have no clue!

It’s why they say #GoRVing: It’s not just about the destination, but about the journey! Make it count!


I’m seriously considering this, folks! I already asked Patrick and he is game. Where do you think we should go? I’m thinking to start, I’d like to trek across Arizona, maybe deliver our art orders in person as opposed to mailing them. Then down the road (pardon the pun) someplace longer, like to Texas! OMG, I’m getting excited!


The theme of Go RVing is #FindYourAWAY – I get it. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m so ready for this! Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it goes!


Thank you so much to Go RVing for this opportunity and to all of you for reading this post! Let me know in the comments where you would want to travel to in an RV! Let’s share ideas!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Time to Go RVing!”

  1. When I was a teenager, my parents had an RV. We traveled along the East Coast to craft shows & deliver pieces to shops. I’ve survived a hurricane & a blizzard (two different trips) in an RV. I’ve been as far as Vermont to a mountain in Georgia. I will say they are an expensive upkeep investment. I suggest renting one if you won’t use it often.

  2. Bill and I used to own RV’s. We took a trip to the west side of Colorado. So beautiful. My folks used to go up Pacific Coast Highway to Oregon. Another beautiful trip.


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