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Introducing, Las Conchitas! The other day, my friend, Ruby Wright from, posted a picture of a craft she made on a whim – these adorable concha paper clips! I, along with many others, I’m sure, we’re all “RUBY, YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING WITH THOSE!” Well, she did, she put up an Etsy store and is now making and selling them – click here to buy your own set!
Ruby is an example of smart, savvy business person who jumps on an opportunity at hand. She quickly realized she created something people wanted (and needed!), and instead of sitting on the idea and overthinking it, she busted out a new business! The beauty of this is that this idea came out of pure passion. She knew what she wanted, couldn’t find it, and took matters into her own hands – literally!
Ruby was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. I hope she inspires you as much as she does me! Follow her on Snapchat! RealRubyDW.
What inspired you to make the little concha paper clips?
 have an obsession with my Happy Planner, so I’m always looking for accessories to make. I’ve been wanting to make custom paper clips using clay after viewing a few YouTube tutorials. Since I had recently traveled to California and was missing all the delicious Mexican foods I thought I’d make some paper clips with pretty pink conchas. I remember searching on Etsy a few weeks back for some cool paper clips to buy also and had no luck finding concha ones. So I finally just made my own.
How many things do you juggle on a daily basis?
I juggle a few things daily. I’m a mom, a wife and I work from home too. My days start off with looking at my planner to see what everyone is up to and to see what needs to be worked on for my blog. I’m pretty flexible with my days except when I have to travel. My life turns to chaos and coming back is usually when I need crafting the most.
How does crafting help you destress?
I find myself needing to craft after overwhelming days. That typically involves travel, conferences, or  chaotic life moments.  Crafting for me  is calming. Crafting really gets me in my zone and allows me to be creative on my terms before jumping back into  a busy work life. I love water coloring, sticker making, and even working with clay because it relaxes me while making something pretty!
How do you fit in time to craft? I love that those concha paper clips are functional, so smart!
I make the time. If I feel myself getting overwhelmed I stop what I’m doing and dig in my crafts for something fun to do. These paper clips were super easy to make and it really took longer to bake them then it did to mold them. My excuse was that they were going to be exactly what I needed for my planner, they would save me money from buying clips at the store, and I would be making them exactly like I’d want them while making myself feel better.
What advice do you have for busy people who want to find time to craft?
Make the time. Start off easy with simple crafts or something you can continue to build on. If it helps make time daily even if it’s just 5-10 minutes. You will feel great about making time to craft. Think of it as self-care, If crafting makes you feel good then make it a priority!
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  1. I. Just. Died.

    I need these for my planner and now will be obsessing about how to make them myself because she sold out (boo for me).

    Thanks for introducing me to a new shop!

  2. Terrific article and such a truth about jumping on an idea instead of overthinking it (I am very guilty of the overthinking part). The link to the Etsy store unfortunately shows No Items for sale 🙁

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