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How to Take Your Dog to the Ball Game


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PetSmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

I would never think to take any of my dogs to the ball game, but you know what? It's totally doable, thanks to PetSmart Patio and the Arizona Diamondbacks! OK - this is relevant to those of us who live in Arizona. Hopefully this program will spread to other baseball stadiums around the country! I was so happy to be invited to give this attraction a whirl. I had no idea what to expect, which was the fun of the experience! I've been to a few DBacks games, but I wouldn't call myself an expert. I do know Chase Field is an EPIC place to visit, whether you are into baseball or not. Not only are there a variety of local eateries, but there is also a pool and spa on the premises as well. It has a retractable cover, which is nice when the Phoenix weather climbs into the triple digits. The day I went, it registered 109 degrees outside and 72 inside. So it's not surprising they would have something as cool as the PetSmart Patio, where guests can bring their dogs and enjoy the experience of the game. PetSmart and the Arizona Diamondbacks collaborated to present first-ever season-long dog-friendly ballpark. I'm proud to say that about my home state! Within the stadium, there are permanent dog-friendly areas facilities including the PetSmart Patio, PetSmart Park, as well as The Adopt Spot by PetSmart. If you are interested, they started with 13 Sunday D-backs home games in the 2016 season, and at the time I'm writing this, all the suites are sold out except for two dates. Here's the link to see more info to buy a suite! I'll get into the specifics in just a bit. My Chihuahuas are so yappy, hyper, and jumpy, I knew they couldn't behave during the game. Well, except maybe Bootsie. [caption id="attachment_24456" align="alignnone" width="890"]petsmart-patio5 Bootsie, looking all cute to charm me into taking him next time.[/caption] I decided to take Bootsie next time, so I'll know the drill. Honestly, he would have done great. But in the meantime, I asked my sister, her roomie, and their dog, Brontë, if they would like to be my guests. Brontë is happy, friendly and has a great temperment. And...here was Brontë's reaction when I announced the big news about our date... [caption id="attachment_24446" align="alignnone" width="890"]petsmart-patio1 "We're going WHERE?"[/caption] I don't know if that is a look of excitement, shock, or a mixture of both. Before we headed to Chase Field, we stopped at the PetSmart location by my house and bought a shirt and collar for Brontë. In the grooming area, they even had a DBacks stencil service! petsmart-patio-store After all that, we headed off to the game! Brontë looks ready to rock, doesn't she? She handled everything really well because she is used to hanging out at other dog parks and interacting with other canines. She was such a pro! [caption id="attachment_24447" align="alignnone" width="890"]petsmart-patio7 "I'll twirl for a ticket!"[/caption] This is how it works: The PetSmart Patio is a family-friendly zone with multi-level seating. It was created specifically for groups of pet parents and pups of any size.  There are 30 dog 'suites' that each fit four humans and one dog with an awesome view above left-center field. You have to purchase the suite in advance. It's $160 for four tickets, and the package includes a lot of amenities. Read on! pet-smart-patio-food There is a food section for us humans that is loaded with all-you-can eat hot dogs, popcorn, chips, assorted beverages and other snacks. [caption id="attachment_24449" align="alignnone" width="890"]petsmart-patio3a "Point me in the direction of the all-you-can-eat ice cream station, please."[/caption] Here is what it looks like inside the seating area. There is a table and four seats, T-shirts and a little area for your doggy to rest.pet-smart-patio-inside Compliments of PetSmart, guests at the PetSmart Patio receive items like a baseball mitt-themed bed, paw-shaped water bowl, as well as treats and toys! I took the bed home for my Chihuahuas! [caption id="attachment_24455" align="alignnone" width="890"]petsmart-patio23 Disco nap between innings.[/caption] Brontë crashed out halfway through the game. I love how she knew exactly where to chill, right by all her goodies. What I loved was that each area had a different family with a different dog, so there was a strong sense of community. The doggies were all well-behaved and practically greeted you as you walked by. Everyone said hi to each other and we all introduced our pets.  Some of the DBacks employees strolled by and stopped to pet each dog. So much love filled the area! paet-smart-patio-setting Aside the what I've shown, there is another area for the dogs - actually two. The PetSmart Park! One indoor play area with an ice cream station for the dogs, and an outdoor space too. All these areas are designated ONLY for guests who bought tickets for the PetSmart Patio. petsmart-patio-bronte   This is the indoor play area. And the outdoor, below. There is also an adoption program at an MLB stadium, called the Adopt Spot. PetSmart teamed up with three Phoenix-based animal welfare organizations: Arizona Humane Society, Arizona Animal Welfare League and HALO Animal Rescue. Those who adopt a pooch will receive all kinds of treats and benefits. It's pretty awesome that the Dog Days of Summer program goes beyond just bringing your dog to the game. It's also about finding new homes for our four-legged friends. petsmart-patio27 This was so cute! Sometimes it looked as though the dogs were talking to each other. [caption id="attachment_24457" align="alignnone" width="890"]petsmart-patio12 "I'll take those jerky treats if you're not going to eat them...just sayin."[/caption] And of course we had to use the Snapchat filter to show off to all our friends! petsmart-patio28 I absolutely loved this experience! What a great way to spend quality time with friends and pets. Throughout the course of the game, we had time to take Brontë out to play, for a bathroom break, she had a nap, ate treats. She konked out as soon as she climbed in her bed at home. On our end, we were able to relax, make new friends, share our favorite dog stories with each other, eat, and enjoy the game. bronte Thanks so much to PetSmart and the Arizona Diamondbacks for inviting me on this wonderful experience! I loved it and am excited to take Bootsie before the season ends!

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