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Resin Pendants from Ice Cube Trays


I’m addicted to silicone molds meant for the kitchen and bar. Why? Because I love to make resin pendants from ice cube trays. There are so many cool designs out there, my heart cries a little bit knowing the contents will just melt away. I’d rather make them live forever!

Here is my video tutorial for this technique. You’ll never look at ice cube trays the same again. And don’t forget, once you use these trays for resin, you can’t use them for food or ice cubes! You’ll have to buy another set!

I loved these “Perfect Man” molds because of the symbol of strength. And then the added sparkle. I think it would be fun to wear these as a necklace or brooch or maybe hanging from a rearview mirror to remember to be strong and always shine in all you do.

If you like these, leave me a comment on my YouTube video page (link is below) and I’ll choose two people to send a necklace to! I want to spread the strength and sparkle!

Here’s the link to the resin pendants from ice cube trays video!


ICE Resin ® Refill, 16 Ounce

Mini sequins, chunky glitter

Dremel, wire, beads

Bails if you are going to make them necklaces or magnets or pin backs

Extra strength adhesive for above.
Talisman Designs Mold The Perfect Man Ice Tray – this is the tray I used!

resin-man1 resin-perfect-man resin-perfect-man2


Thanks for reading, let me know if you try this project!!!

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3 thoughts on “Resin Pendants from Ice Cube Trays”

  1. What a cute idea! I just love the pink muscle man. The chain around his neck makes me think of the flavor flav clock he used to wear, lol.

  2. I just love the look of these resin dudes! I think the multi-color sequin and silver glitter guy with the red jeweled brad in my favorite. Such a clever idea I can’t wait to give it a try!


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