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Use Crafty Chica stencils to make stenciled watercolor art

Stenciled Watercolor Art

I love these stenciled watercolor art pieces!  This has been a year in the making, I can’t believe this line is out. I’ve been counting the days!

I’d been a fan of the brilliant Jaime Echt and her stencil company. She is not only an artist and designer but a successful entrepreneur. Last year I contacted her to work together on an HSN project and we struck up a conversation…and she asked if I’d like to design a line of stencils. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to hang out with her, become friends and even pick up some inspiring business tips. The one I’ll share for now – “Always go for the bestseller,” she said. “Never turn something in if you aren’t in love with it. If it’s not a winner for you, it won’t be a winner for the line.”

I thought of that the entire time I worked on the designs. I would show them to friends and family, and all the ones where they said, “That’s nice.”


I kept the ones that made them say, “WOW! I LOVE THAT!” – and then kept narrowing it down from there.


It’s not as easy as you’d think. Creating stencils will break you if you do not have patience. Of the 30 or so designs I created, Jaime helped me fine tune them to these eleven in the line. Sometimes she literally had to explain how the lines are joined together when my drawings didn’t make sense as a stencil. She really pushed me as a designer and I’m so grateful for that!

I hand drew each stencil and made them as unique as possible. There are no repeat designs. For example on the cactus, I hand drew each star. Also for the lettering on La Soñadora and Chica Florita, I made my own handmade fonts. Then I took passages from the novel I’m currently writing, I translated it into Spanish and used my new fonts and used them for the background. You can mask off what you don’t want and/or repeat the parts you want.

The Crafty Chica Stencils come in 12×12 and 6×6 sizes. You can purchase my stencils HERE.

How to make stenciled watercolor art!

Click here if you can’t see the video below.

YouTube video


Crafty Chica stencils


Round brush, water

Liner brush



Blot a piece of watercolor paper with a damp paper towel. Tape down the stencil, dip your brush in the water and pick up the color you want. Mix on a plastic plate until you achieve the consistency you want, then apply. Press down on the stencil with your fingers to hold them in place. Watch the video to see me make one from start to finish.


To make them look more “polished” use a liner brush and water down some black and outline everything. I used mat frames in plastic to keep these sealed and clean, they are ready for framing!

Check out what people are making with the stencils! I’m going to create a customer gallery page here on the site, so if you use any Crafty Chica products from past (they are sold on amazon) and/or present use the hashtag #CraftyChicaProducts or if you want to be specific #CraftyChicaStencils, #CraftyChicaSizzix. That way I can find you and share your awesome work!

Thanks for checking out my stenciled watercolor art project!

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  1. Mexican tiles would be great! Or how about an our lady of Guadalupe? Oh, decorative crosses! Maybe a decorative sun with a face? Scallopy decorative borders and zigzaggy Aztec borders would be good too! The possibilities are endless! I’m excited for you!

  2. Definitly Frida and a monkey and or birds.
    Were eles can I get the stencils I wanted to order 5 of the 6 inch stencils but they have been out for 2 weeks


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