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10 Signs Crafty Season Has Arrived.

You know crafty season has arrived when…oh who are we kidding? IT’S ALWAYS CRAFTY SEASON! But there is something about the first week of fall that makes us all giddy and happy. The glitter dances within its bottles, the glue is all nice and warm and well, our endless creativity takes over! No words can describe the excitement!

This is how we know the crafty season has arrived!

1. You have more pumpkin projects lined up than there are days in October.

2. You already cleared the craft store out of gold and orange glitter, and proudly so.

3. The kitchen table is no longer safe for food because it’s now the command center of creative brilliance for the next four months.

4. You toss and turn all night thinking about the awesome candy corn caramel apples you’re going to make tomorrow.

5. You are ultra top secret about who you share your latest ideas with.

6. It’s not even the second week of September and you already have a bad case of Crafter’s Elbow – but it’s ok, you planned ahead for back-up!

7. It’s Saturday morning. You just lined up all the craft paint in rainbow order, fixed yourself a steamy pumpkin spice latte, Hocus Pocus has just started, and your family has the audacity to ask you to help clean the garage.

8. You warn your family to hide their goods because anything is fair game for a Halloween costume!

9. You don’t dare invite any family members with you to shop at the craft store. You are on a crucial exploratory mission and they’ll only distract and slow you down!

10. You prepare to work through crafty fails with grace and class.

Expect to be misunderstood by many this season. They can’t handle your crafty epicness! But don’t let that stop you from crafting!


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