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Home Selling Tips: 3 Spaces to Makeover

By Paul Denikin, DadKnowsDIY.com
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Increasing your home’s value can seem like a daunting task. You may not know where to begin or what types of improvements to make. Fortunately, you do not need to modify your entire house. Here are some home selling tips that show making upgrades to a few important areas can increase the property value and improve your chances of a quick sale. Here are the top three spaces to focus on for DIY home improvement.

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Redecorate Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the best rooms to spruce up for your prospective buyers. A luxurious bathroom tells buyers that your home is modern, high-end, and well-cared for. Some good updates for a higher value bathroom include matching, decorative fixtures such as bath and hand towel racks, toilet paper holders, and mirror frames. Overly ornate mirrors look dated whereas simply decorated, brushed metals create a neat, classy look that tells buyers the home is worth a little extra.

Mirrors are the most important improvement you can make in your bathroom. A beautiful mirror makes a statement about the value of your home. Look for a classy mirror at your favorite home store during a sale or check out discount shops or yard sales to score a hidden gem. Or, if you feel like being crafty, you can frame the old mirror yourself.


Repaint the Bedrooms

Bedrooms are another great space to update if you want your home’s value to increase. A fresh coat of paint makes your rooms look cleaner, more modern, and even bigger if you pick the right paint. For smaller rooms, try picking light, neutral tones with mass crowd appeal. If you paint the trim the same color, the space can look even larger, upping your value with relative ease. For larger rooms, you can save money on your project by opting for an accent wall. Sponge-painted accent walls in a bolder color can add flash and elegance to any space at a lower price than painting the entire room.

If you’re really on a budget, try looking at the clearance paint areas in Lowes and Home Depot. When the associates mix paints incorrectly, the resulting colors are often marked to as much as 90% off. Be sure the container will be enough for your project as the mistake color cannot be replicated.


Plant Flowers in the Front

The front yard and walkway will be your potential buyer’s first impression of your home. By sprucing up the front space, your buyers will feel that the home is well-kept, vibrant, and inviting. If you’re putting your home on the market during the spring, summer, or possibly even fall, plant bright, cheery flowers to put your buyers in a good mood. Just be sure that you’re planting season-appropriate flowers suitable for the area where you live and the amount of shade and sun the space receives.

For more permanent selling points, you should also plant hardy, drought resistant plants for a splash of life. If your prospective buyers see and enjoy the beautiful landscaping, telling them how low maintenance the plants are can be a great bonus.

DIY projects to increase your home’s value do not need to be enormous, expensive events. Your home can be more enticing with a little paint, some flowers, and even a new frame for your mirrors. As long as you focus your energy on the three key areas in your home, you may just be surprised how quickly your home’s value improves.

Paul Denikin began learning about DIY home repair projects after his daughter, Maggie, was born with special needs. He has learned a lot through trial and error as he has worked to make his family’s home safe and accessible for her. Today, he shares his DIY knowledge on DadKnowsDIY.com, a website that offers home improvement project how-tos and other accessibility information.


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