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Twirling Paper Skull Ornament


I love this twirling paper skull ornament because it offers something different for a Day of the Dead craft, other than a banner or greeting card. It works great as a hanging decoration or as an ornament for an ofrenda in your house.

This product is out of production, but you can still find this Day of The Dead Sugar Skull at Amazon or eBay.

Or you can use this pattern and cut it out by hand or on your Cricut!

Cut two section, one will be the outer ring and the other will be the skull.

Then you can out of the eyes and make scores for the teeth.

Twirling Skull ornament pattern
Use this as a pattern for your project!


Here is the link to the Twirling Skull Ornament video tutorial, in case you can’t see it below:

Supplies for a twirling paper skull ornament

6×6″ piece of scrapbook paper

Crafty Chica Paper Skull Ornament Pattern


Craft glue

String, 12″ 

Any other embellishments you want. 

Directions for this Day of the Dead craft:

Each ornament will have two sides. You’ll need four pieces of scrapbook paper, contrasting colors are best. This will give your ornament more color and make it more interesting.

You’ll have 2 outer rings and two skulls.

Set down one of the outer rings and the skull, and add a drop of glue down the middle of both of them (not in the open areas).

Repeat for the second set.

Set the string down on the glue on one of the sets.

Place the second outer ring, on top and then the center skull.

Press in place and wipe away any excess glue.

The string should be sandwiched between the layers on the top and the bottom.

Once it’s all glued together, you can twirl the inside skull!


Write the name of a loved one on the outer ring.

Decorate with glitter, gems, streamers, etc.

These will also work as a non-traditional greeting card because they fits easily inside a 5×7 envelope. That way the recipent can remove the card fromthe envelop and use it for Dia de Los Muertos festivities.

I hope you like this Day of the Dead craft, thanks for reading my post about this twirling paper skull ornament!

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