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Check out these wonderful Phoenix Latino-inspired Coffeehouses


Sometimes I crave a cafecito instead of a cappuccino – or a Horchata Latte instead of a Flat White. It’s nice to know those are readily available here in my city. I asked the team at Collectivo to help me pull together a list of indie Phoenix Latino Coffeehouses and here is the list! Let’s go try them all! And by all means, if we missed any, please let me know! I’ll be happy to add them! 

P.S. What qualifies them as “Latino?” Easy! These venues are either owned by a Latino entrepreneur or they serve Latino-inspired coffee drinks!


Tres Leches Café

This delicious coffee house is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. The owner E.T. Rivera started making coffee drinks for friends and family before opening in May 2015. Most of the menu has an amazing tres leches base, but the ingredients vary, based on the drink. Lattes are made from horchata and mochas are created with a sweet touch of Abuelita chocolate. A must try drink is the Tres Azteca, which is made with a shot of Mex-presso (assortment of Mexican spices). Aztec chocolate is then added to the drink which is then topped off with fresh tres leches cream. 5555 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014


Colados Coffee

Colados Coffee is a family owned establishment serving the west Valley. It has unique coffee flavors and is well known for its crepe recipes. Reviewers on Yelp rave about how amazing their crepes are. Baristas at Colados Coffee make the crepes from scratch right in front of their delighted clientele who choose from a robust menu that includes varieties such as: breakfast crepes, sweet and spicy crepes and chocolate covered crepes. The atmosphere is very cozy and the staff is extremely friendly. Location: 10685 W. Indian School Rd. Avondale.


Fair Trade Café

Fair Trade Café is an urban Phoenix coffee house owned by Stephanie Vasquez, conveniently located in the heart of downtown right off the Light Rail Roosevelt stop. This coffee house is well known amongst 20 and 30 something Latino professionals who often host meetings here or just go to be seen! Just less than one mile north of this location, Fair Trade has its sister location that serves the ASU downtown community and is called the Fair Trade Community Kitchen. Fair Trade offers tasty coffee and treats including an inspiring arroz con leche. This trendy coffee house also holds an art gallery, poetry nights, outdoor sitting and much, much more! Location: 1020 N 1st Ave Phoenix.


Futuro Coffee

This stylish coffee shop offers a menu that is entirely written in Spanish to embrace the Southwest and Latin American regionalism. They use Colombian sweetener called Panela, which is a raw unfiltered cane sugar instead of caramel or simple syrups. Reviews on Yelp proclaim that this is a must visit place staffed with very helpful baristas as well as a pleasant interior décor including artist-painted walls.  Location: 909 N 1st St. Phoenix.


Cortez Coffee Co.

Ron Cortez, the owner of Cortez Coffee Company, opened Cortez Coffee Bar in Tempe in 2012. This small hidden coffee shop offers a great place to study or work since it’s a close drive from Arizona State University. It also offers a tasting room and weekly round table discussions. Customers on Yelp love the fact that they can purchase coffee beans on location and insist that the atmosphere is a delight. Location: 1030 East Vista Del Cerro Drive, Tempe.


Lola Coffee

Lola offers organic, fair trade beans that encourage sustainability. They brew bold cups of coffee to reveal the dynamic characteristics of the beans. Their homemade pastries are a hit as well as their well-attended poetry nights. Lola has different varieties of coffee depending on the seasonal availability which keeps customers coming back. Location: 4700 N. Central Ave Phoenix.


Luci’s Healthy Marketplace and Luci’s at The Orchard

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace is a unique café, coffee bar and restaurant. It Features quality organic and natural products from reputable local and regional vendors. The café structures a modern retro décor that sets the tone for a friendly and fun environment. Shades of oranges, blues and browns are complimented by the coffee bar garage door and large windows which keep an open-air feel combining the inner and outer sitting areas. Location: 1590 Bethany Home Rd. Phoenix. And now there is Luci’s at The Orchard, which is a dreamy, airy spot for working, meeting, relaxing and sipping on your favorite coffee drink!


Cuban Foods Bakery

Driving by 43rd Avenue and Peoria, you would never think to stop here for coffee. But, alas, it’s not just coffee. It’s cafecito. Cuban coffee. Served in a cup so subdued and tiny, it will trick your mind into thinking you were cheated. Down that baby to get your life! Wooooo! Talk about a caffeine rush! Cuban coffee has become a standard of mine when I visit Miami and I used to crave it when I came back home to Phoenix. But this Cuban family serves it homestyle, so delicious. Not to mention, the food here is AHmazing, check it out! Location: 10649 N. 43rd Ave, Phoenix. NOTE: Do not go on a Friday or Saturday night, it is so packed with customers, you’ll wait for a while to score one of the few tables. Weekdays are best!

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Debi’s Mexican Blanket Dresser

Emotional crafting to the extreme


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