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Memories from the Phoenix Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta


Here is a round up from a Phoenix Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta we vended and attended!

We had an art booth at our first Dia de Los Muertos fiesta of the season! It was packed with people, but I managed to take a few pictures!

EPIC sums it up! We pretty much work all year round to build up stock for these shows, and it’s so rewarding to finally offer our wares to the world, or at least our local community!

The event is produced by longtime friends and mentors of ours, Zarco and Carmen of Cultural Coalition

This is how the day begins – an empty space of grass, just enough to fit a 10×10″ tent. What Patrick and I do is pack everything in suitcases, because they are easy to pack, unpack and transport.

When we get to these events, we aren’t always able to pull our vehicle up to the space, so we have to make it easy to move the goods. I HATE lugging heavy boxes so the suitcases work wonders!


Phoenix Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta

Once the tent goes up, it takes about an hour or more to unpack and display everything. Display is always a challenge because you have to have everything just right. Not too flat, not too high in case of windy moments. Pricing and all that. But it all comes together just in time!

Day of the Dead crafts are plentiful at this event.

These are resin magnets I made. Every year I come up with a new type of magnet to sell. We actually have collectors who come to our space every year just to get a magnet. Keeps me on my game!

As far as the display board, it’s a board I had made with a stand and then we lined it with flashing. It holds the magnets nice and tight.


This was the first piece that sold of the day. We hadn’t even finished setting up the space!

I can see why it sold, Patrick made it with so much personality! It’s so funny!

We had one table that was all of Patrick’s art. muertos-20164

and we had grids with his paintings.muertos-20165

In the middle we had matted prints with both of our work.muertos-20166

My table was filled with ceramic jewelry, mugs and books.muertos-20167

Here are some of my clay necklaces!muertos-20168

I also had card kits (made by Mothership Scrapbook Gal!) and handmade cards as well. I like to offer a range of items for every budget of shopper!muertos-20169

Phoenix Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta

Here are some of the mugs. We had a craftastrophe though. Patrick walked between two tables and his booty knocked over one of the mugs and broke it! *Deep breath* It happens, right?

It happened to be one of my favorite mugs, too! Oh well, no biggie *sob*muertos-201610

Here’s one of Patrick’s plates!muertos-201611

I made these while watching the third presidential debate last week. I made some skulls that said BAD HOMBRE. Yup, they all sold out!muertos-201612

Patrick’s shadow boxes.muertos-201613


I love this plate, I was sorry to see it go, but the person who bought it was really cool. So I know it will have a happy home!muertos-201615

This was an artist I met, she had so many cool items that she made, and then I forgot her name. I also realized I had COFFEE stains down the front of my shirt! Ugh, and I posed for a lot of pictures today. Oh well, real life, right?muertos-201617

Check out these cupcake flavors! muertos-201618

This is my friend, Dania! She served as one of the face painters for the day!


These two cuties came by!muertos-201619

Puppet by the brilliant Zarco Guerrero.muertos-201620

Random beautiful girl. I had to stop her for a picture!muertos-201621

Community ofrenda.muertos-201626

Dancers about to go on stage.muertos-201629

More puppets by Zarco.muertos-201630

Dragon puppet by Zarco. muertos-201631


The center of the event served as the main stage for theatrics, dancers and the final candlelight procession. You can see more about the event here, it’s put on the Cultural Coalition AZ.muertos-201633

Decorating sugar skulls!muertos-201634

Patrick with Petra from Latina Strong. She bought one of his paintings!muertos-201636

Ceramic pins I made.muertos-201637

Some of the Phoenix Fridas!Phoenix Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta

Even though we endured 90-degree weather, beauty filled the day from all different angles. The food, the music, the crowd, all the artists that came from all over. I wish I had a chance to take more pictures!

Do you go to a Dia de Los Muertos event in your city? Share a link with pictures! I’d love to see! Just a head’s up, it’s going to a busy week on the blog, lots of awesome posts are coming your way for ideas and inspiration for the season!

Thanks for checking out my memories from this incredible Phoenix Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta.

I know the day is going to come when we won’t vend anymore, so I really cherished every moment of this event. I hope it continues for decades in our community!

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  1. You are amazing, I love your style, energy and most of all, your creativity. I always find you inspiring. I hope that some day I can visit one of your booths in person, your crafts are always just so yummy.


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