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Beautiful DIY Frida Kahlo Costume


By Meagan Mora

Here is my Frida Kahlo DIY, starring my daughter Ava! First of all, Happy Halloween! Am I the only one who shudders at the thought of spending precious time making a costume that your little one will only wear once a year?! This year I got smart and came up with a dress-up ensemble she can wear not only on Halloween, but also can incorporate the pieces into her everyday wardrobe as well.


Enter Frida! 

She is endlessly inspiring. I had such a fun time explaining her life to Ava. We even found this super cute about her life, Frida Kahlo (Little People, Big Dreams). The most challenging part was trying to decide which of her iconic looks to emulate. I mixed a few of them together for one special look.

For her outfit I was very inspired by this photo.


I loved the blue brocade-esque fabric.

To the fabric store we went.

I ended up finding this amazing blue and black brocade fabric and I immediately fell in love.


For the bottom I decided that a maxi skirt would be perfect and I picked up a great black lace fabric for that.



Now, I had to decide what pattern I could use that would have a similar shape to what I was looking for. Then, I remembered the Gigi pattern by Mingo and Grace.


If you’ve been following along on my Crafty Chica posts, you’ll recall that I used the Blake pattern for Ava’s Christmas dress last year. The Gigi pattern features a cropped length top and a full skirt…it was perfect. I loved the idea of almost a modern take on Frida’s style.


I pretty much followed the directions in the pattern to the T.

The only changes I made was to completely line the top and to lengthen the skirt to maxi length. I was so happy with the way it came out. She can definitely wear both of these piece again.


On to the accessories.

I’m a firm believer in accessories either making or breaking a look.


So obviously we needed a floral crown, a chunky gold necklace, and some cool earrings.

For the floral crown, I got a magenta pink headband that would be thick enough to hold the flowers.

We got a few stems of silk flowers and just hot glue them to the headband. Nothing too difficult, in fact there are TONS of tutorials on how to make them.


For the necklace I found a thick gold chain and a gold button. I literally just twist tied the shank of the button to join it to the chain. Super simple.


The earrings may be one of my favorite parts of the look!

I love the doll hand earrings that she’s wearing in this photo.

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I really wanted to recreate them some how. I thought about chopping the hands off of one of Ava’s dolls and using them to make the earrings. But, then I thought that would be pretty traumatizing for her!


So instead, I found theses cool hand charms and just attached them to some earring wires. Whala! Frida Kahlo-inspired hand earrings!


What a fun costume this was to make, and super quick.


It’s definitely something you could whip up last-minute if you needed to!

frida-dress-up9Ava had a great time getting in character with her serious face poses.


She also really enjoyed getting to wear makeup!


Thanks for checking out this DIY Frida Kahlo costume, made with so much love and good intention. We hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween this year! Don’t forget to come visit me over at avaslookbook.com!

xoxo Meagan and Ava


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8 thoughts on “Beautiful DIY Frida Kahlo Costume”

  1. You always do such spot on recreations!! Ava looks so beautiful and embodies Frida Kahlo here. Do you mind sharing what lipstick you used, eyeliner, mascara, and did you braid both sections of hair and put up? How you we’re you able to create the uni brow so natural looking? (Did you use brow pencil?)

    You are muy muy talented!!!

    Lovely depiction and shots too. Ava is a natural at this as are you!

    • Thank you so much! I used a liquid matte lipstick by Colourpop for her lips, she doesn’t have any eye liner on, and just used a few swipes of Benefit Rolloerlash mascara. For the brow I used some brow powder and just did very small strokes with a brush to make it look as natural as possible. For her hair I put it in pigtails and then braided each side and pinned them across the top of her head with bobby pins. I’m so glad you liked it! We had such a blast creating her look! ❤️


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