Felt Calaca Banner for Dia de Los Muertos

Felt Muertos Banner by CraftyChica.com

This felt calaca banner is perfect for Dia de Los Muertos. You can use it for your personal ofrenda, to decorate a loved one’s grave – or maybe just for a muertos party! I picked up a giant pack of colored felt from the store the other day and each piece fit perfectly with my Crafty Chica skull book die. But instead of a book, I made this banner! Each calaca (skull) has its own personality and design. That’s because I mixed and matched all the cut out pieces and added them back in for the eyes, flowers, and so on.


Here’s what you need (affiliate links):

Die cut machine – I use a Sizzix Big Shot

Crafty Chica Skull Book Die from Sizzix

Assorted felt cut in 6×6″ squares


White craft glue


Line up a square of felt on each side of the die. You can use the same colors or mix them up.


Run it through forwards, and then backwards towards you.


Add a line of glue along the top of one of the cut pieces and press the ribbon on the wet glue. Make sure the ribbon is about 3-4 inches longer that your desired length on each side so you can hang it.


Place the solid piece on top, so the ribbon is sandwiched between the two layers.


Keep going all the way down, then let dry for about 30 minutes. Next, use the smaller cut pieces to decorate the fronts.


Hang and enjoy!


Here are some more pictures!


If you are having a Dia de Los Muertos, you could cut up the banner at the end of the night and give each of your guests a calaca to take home!calaca-banner2

I love how it came out so colorful and cheery!calaca-banner3

Thanks for reading!

Love & light,

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