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How to Catalog Your Valuables



This is sponsored post with Liberty Mutual Insurance. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Whether you are buying a house, renting a room or crashing at your cousin’s, you need to think beyond monthly payments, or even decorating. When it comes to your next big move, think about all that you’ll be transporting from one location to the next. Some of us have a full-time or side business and that means expensive computers, laptops, cameras, smartphones and more. I never realized how much we can take these items for granted. That’s why I became interested in working with Liberty Mutual Insurance, they are all about empowering ourselves to have less worry when it comes to organizing our homes and everything in them.

All this time, I felt like I’ve been adulting, but logging all my assets never occurred to me until now. I didn’t realize I had accumulated so many items big and small over the years. I’ve been using the Liberty Mutual Home Gallery® app that allows anyone (Liberty Mutual customers or not!) to catalog all their personal belongings. I found it be really handy, I think you’ll appreciate it as well.

I love that you can do anything and everything with this app – take photos of your belongings,

catalog each item by room and/or category, scan item barcodes for images and descriptions, import photos from your phone, track items in multiple homes, quickly browse all of it, and best of all you can export your list as a spreadsheet or pdf!

I feel so much more in control of my life and I’ve encouraged my kids to use the app as well since they’ve moved out on their own. Not only will the app help you keep organized and eliminate stress during a move, it allows you to worry less knowing that you have a record of your belongings should an unforeseen circumstance occur. It might sound daunting to have to go through your house and document everything, but we have ways to simplify!

Liberty Mutual commissioned an expert on the topic! Board Certified Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist, Dr. Simon A. Rego, PsyD, ABPP, ACT, co-author of the “Worry Less, Live More” Report suggests these tips for when it comes to moving.

  • Have a list of all your most precious valuables.
  • Create a big list where you know what’s in each box.
  • Consult with a friend that recently moved to get information on reliable moving companies and other advice on the process.
  • Slow down and start small, of course you can’t snap your fingers and do it all quickly.
  • Room by room, think about what’s most valuable.
  • You might also make sure all your possessions are insured and get information on your protection policy.

My advice is to build time in your schedule to do this, don’t wait until the perfect day. Schedule a couple hours to start and see how far you get, then add more days as needed. You can even make it a family event and have everyone pitch in. Honestly, doing this also helped us clear a lot of clutter as well.

If your move is a bit more in the future, you can adapt his steps to get a head start and check out a few tips here. And you might also want to think about other offers available to make your move less stressful. For example, Liberty Mutual offers a New Move Discount, a Newly Purchased Home Discount, and a Smart Home Technology Discount. With the right preparation, you will be able to sleep so much easier at night, trust me!

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