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La Llorona Cover Songs to Haunt Your Dreams

By Will Medina

Have you ever heard of the tale of La Llorona? Also known as, The Weeping Woman, the 100+ year-old story says she is a ghost who lost her children and cries…and wails… endlessly while searching for them by the river, often causing misfortune to those who hear her. Here is the Wiki description! There are numerous versions of the tale, all of them eerily tragic.

And from that came a song, La Llorona, by Costa Rican singer, Chavela Vargas. It debuted in 1993 and is now a classic. It’s been covered and translated by hundreds of artists all over the world, each giving it their own passionate twist. Here are some amazing covers I curated for you. I hope they give you just the right amount of chills and goosebumps for Halloween and dia de Los Muertos!

Here is the original Chavela Vargas – La Llorona (from Frida movie)


Natalia Doco– La Llorona

YouTube video


Rebeca Jiménez and Lucas Masciano– La Llorona

YouTube video

Ximena Sariñana– La Llorona

YouTube video

Jane Doe– La Llorona

YouTube video

 L’una garrèla– La Llorona

YouTube video

Dakota Romero– La Llorona

YouTube video

Did the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? Each one of these musicians brought such different version to the well-known folklore song. and there are so many more versions on YouTube. I am definitely getting into the spirit, I hope take the time and listen to each one of these haunting covers and have a little fun with this spooky story!

Have a safe Halloween and Dia de los Muertos! See you next month!



Will Medina is a Phoenix resident with a passion for new and meaningful music. He always keeps up to date with current music and has been known to bust a move to some Top 40 hits from time to time.

Web site: http://veryvinyl.net

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  1. Awesome!! Happy of my Latina roots, thank you for reminding me of the great summers we’d sit outside & listen to all the creepy, scary stories❤️


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