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Halloween costume and decoration shortcuts!

Here are some easy Halloween costume and decoration shortcuts you can try if you absolutely have no time, energy or creativity to do it up this weekend!

  1. Make shrink plastic earrings

pumpkin earrings

These dangly pumpkin earrings are inspired by a friend I had who hated to dress up for Halloween. So she made her earrings her costume! Every year she planned her pair of October 31st ear baubles as if they were the ultimate artistic ensemble. I guess to her they were. How cool and simple is that?

Here is the video and if you want to see the picture tutorial, check out my post over at MyPrintly!

Video link

YouTube video

2. Use Fruity Pebbles to add color and texture!

That’s right – breakfast cereal! I love Fruity Pebbles because it is so bright and colorful, it fits perfect for Dia de Los Muertos. The exact color story is right there! This is from a paid assignment I did for them to show how you can use it in your DIY projects. Patrick’s cousin, Victoria, made the beautiful cupcakes!

Fruity Pebbles DIY

3. Paint your body as a costume!

All you need is a package of body paint, brushes and doodle skills. you got this!

4. Make muertos greeting cards for loved ones.

No time to make sugar skulls or even an ofrenda? Make some greeting cards and write a thoughtful note insight. Close it up and set it out next to a picture of loved one who has passed on OR give them out to your friends and family!

Day of the Dead greeting cards

Here is a video too!

YouTube video

5. Make a simple bewitching top hat!

You can wear this to hand out candy!

witch hat headband

I hope these Halloween costume and decoration shortcuts help you this season!

Beautiful DIY Frida Kahlo Costume

Candy Bar Casserole


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