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I have a new ebook out! It’s a short ghost story themed around Dia de Los Muertos. While it’s a juicy, fast read for any time of the year, it’s perfect for the fall season. This is a piece I posted on my site for a blog tour a few years back. At one point I even released it as a free read on Issuu. I wanted to really give it life, so I hired a copy editor to help me amp up the shine. Patrick painted an image to go with the plot, and my friend Vicky Ayala designed the cover. Click here to see Rubina Chinchada and the Enchanted Dresser. 

I’m still working very hard every night on my third novel that will be submitted to publishers, hopefully soon! It is such a long process. But you know what? Rather than wait for that, I want to take action now on the things I like to do. I have a collection of short fiction pieces I’ve been building up, so I thought it would be cool to release them as ebooks in between my big books. Bottom line – I love to write and tell stories!

In order to help build excitement, I’ll pick two people to receive their choice of: A mystery box of craft supplies OR a $25 Amazon gift card! This runs through 11:59 pm Nov 3rd, 2016. Must live in the U.S. and be 18 years and older.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Visit the page for the new ebook HERE. 
  2. Then from that page, SHARE that page, the social media buttons are on the bottom right column.


3. Come back here and leave a comment below that you did the above and tell me you favorite ghost story (book or movie!)

Unrelated to above giveaway:

If you happen to buy my ebook and read it, please let me know what you think. Or even better, leave a review on Amazon!

Eeeek, I’m so excited! Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

30 thoughts on “Read My Ghost Story!”

  1. One of my favorite movies would be Premonition. Your ghost story would also become a favorite also. Have a super lovely Halloween. Thank you for this giveaway chance.

  2. Shared….I can’t wait to get into the dia de los Muertos spirit with your story.

    My favorite ghost stories are the ones that happen right here at home

  3. How fun! I posted the link on facebook and also pinned it to a new board I created called “Fun Stuff to Read!”. I had the ebook sent to my phone so (hopefully!) I can read it before Tuesday! My favorite ghost movie is actually one that was a favorite of my mother’s: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. It’s a romantic old black and white movie with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. Makes me smile to watch it and think about how much mom enjoyed watching it 🙂

  4. shared on Facebook–

    My favorite ghost movie is “The Sixth Sense”.

  5. It’s a tie! My favorite ghost stories would have to be La Llorona and Al Cucuy. As told to me by my Grandmother and Mother, Grandfather and Father. Traditional stories passed down from generation to generation and never losing their sense of fear in the night. (or any other dark place!).

  6. Shared! This year my kids and I have really gotten into the Legend of Sleepy Hollow — both the story and the Disney cartoon. (When they go to bed tonight I’ll watch the Johnny Depp movie and/or the first episode of the TV show — those iterations aren’t appropriate for kids!)

    I’m so excited to hear that you are working on your third novel; I really enjoyed the first two. And I look forward to reading the short stories as you release them.

  7. Loved and shared! <3

    My favorite ghost stories were the ones my Mom would tell us as children! She would sit on the bed and craft scary stories from her imagination. The best!

  8. Shared on twitter. My favorite ghost story has to be A Christmas Carol. Spooky and Christmas and a happy ending. Works for me. I can’t wait to read your story.

  9. I shared on Facebook and Twitter. My MomMom used to tell me stories about the ghosts she’d seen, including one of a little boy who had died in the apartment they were living in. She thought it was my dad standing next to the bed, but when she called his name, he answerAndied from the other room. Still gives me shivers.

  10. I like the movie sixth sense. My all time favorite are the stories told by my grandparents & parents. Actually happen to be real life ghost stories. Like my bisabuela would say, we need to fear the living not the dead. ????

  11. I actually read your story over a year ago and was so impressed I began following you on social media, so I’m excited to read the revised copy. If we are going to watch a ghost story with kids then let’s put on “The Book Of Life” but if we are after scareing adults then “The Others ” is my nail biter. Pinned your book on Pinterest well I have to go turn on a light now!

  12. My mom would tell us stories about Obaki (Japanese ghosts) when we were little and supernatural stories. Those were my favorite! I posted to Facebook!

  13. I shared the link via Twitter here:

    My favorite ghost film story so far is “ParaNorman.” (although I have a lot to add. “The Conjuring 2” is well worth the viewing especially how much it followed the actual events. It really shows the true power of love and goodness triumphing over all else even though it is truly terrifying.)

    For books I always liked any of the Goosebumps series especially the mask one.

    Your art imagery for the book is hauntingly beautiful and it sounds enchanting.

  14. Shared on Pinterest. My favorite ghost story, is the movie “Ghost,” really like that movie, watched it so many times. My grandmother use to tell some really scary stories when I was young, real life stories that were scarier because they were true.

  15. Happily shared this on Facebook.

    Favorite ghost story? None, really. But after spending Day of the Dead in Oaxaca I am definitely a fan of Day of the Dead tales.



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