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TACO LOVE: 22 Things to Make or Buy


Taco love, baby!

Happy National Taco Day! If you love tacos, this is a must-have list for you! I’ve gathered my favorite taco-themed recipes, crafts and novelty items! Did you know last year Americans ate more than 4.5 billion tacos? That’s according to the official National Taco Day web site. Oh, where to start?

OK, let’s just do this – click on each title to go to the featured taco love article!

DIY Taco Earphone Holder

Cute and functional!

The BEST Crispy Breakfast Tacos EVER

You’ll never look at breakfast the same again.


Super cute taco fabric

Perfect for making napkins to use when you eat tacos!

Taco Serving Plate

This would be even cuter if it were painted and decorated.


This TACO T-shirt!

Rainbow Unicorn Tacos

It seems so wrong, but so desirable at the same time.


For a laugh…(this is actually my own personal struggle, lol!)


Tacos that double as dessert!

A feast for the eyes!

Taco Nail Decals

My faves!

Handpainted Taco Nails

Grilled Fish Tacos with Tequila Lime Crema


Taco socks for the win!


Beautiful DIY Taco Pinata


DIY Walking Tacos Spread


Non-traditional Taco Recipes


DIY Giant Taco Pillow

Taco Halloween Costume

How to make giant edible tacos!

Taco Coin Purse

How to Make a Taco Cake

How to Draw a Set of Cute Tacos

Thank you for checking out my post about taco love! What is your favorite kind of taco? 

Emotional crafting to the extreme

A Soldered Pendant for World Maker Faire


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