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Candy Bar Casserole

This candy bar casserole is the result of us only having 12 trick or treaters last night. The clock ticked 8:30 p.m. and I stared at a full bowl of wrapped treats. An idea popped in my head: a Candy Bar Casserole! I looked it up and saw some variations on Pinterest so I knew it was a viable idea.

Look at all these candies we had left! See what I mean? I didn’t feel like nibbling on them, I felt like I wanted to make something creative.


Off to Target I went in search of ingredients for a recipe I kinda, sorta knew how to make.

First I lined a casserole dish with graham cracker crust and layered the leftover candies.


Then I added brownie mix and cookie dough. Go big or go home, right?


For good measure, I added more candies on the top and pecans. Because me gusta pecans.


Then I baked it, which was the tricky part. Go for at least 35-40 minutes if you use an 8×8″ glass pan. The chocolate melted and I thought it was uncooked brownie batter, but it wasn’t. Know that you will have an ooey gooey mess of heaven. Let it cool for about an hour.


Oh man, it is soooo delicious! All you need is a little square to taste, it’s very decadent. Add a scoop of ice cream too. Take the casserole to work, or package small portions and wrap them to divvy out each day to the family. I don’t know, whatever you do, enjoy! What makes it taste so great is that the different candies make for a different experience in each bite! A Milky Way over there, an Almond Joy over there…


What do you plan to do with your leftover Halloween candy? Let me know!

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