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Painted ‘Magic Braid’ Bracelets

I scored a huge bag of these leather “magic braid” bracelets at the craft store the other day and gave them a painted makeover! Aren’t they so bright and cute – and expensive looking? They’re called magic braid bracelets because the ends are closed off and you have to do some fancy fingerwork to achieve the look. But I happen to like them unbraided.

They remind me of boho bangles, I love the contrasting colors on the skinny strips!


Make a set for holiday gifts.

Use it as a craft night activity with friends.

Paint them in your school colors and sell them.

Make and trade them with friends.

Here is my video tutorial: 

YouTube video


Make sure to buy the size that fits your wrist. I bought mine too small, so I’ll be giving them out to friends.

It takes a few tries to get the “magic braiding” down. Keep practicing!

If they are small, you can stretch them by rolling your fingers inside, after the snap is connected.

Use a coupon so you can buy the package for even less.


Painted leather bracelets by CraftyChica.com.

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  1. How can i nuy the leather bracelet kit so i can gift it to my god-daughter? Ive neen looking threw every page y nada…


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