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Mexi-Style Painted Poinsettias

I love adding a “Mexi-twist” to all things traditional. That’s where the inspiration for these painted poinsettias came from. They are made from fabric – so why not give them a southwest makeover? I love using the spirit of Mexican embroidery and serape patterns on everyday home decor items, and they worked perfectly on these faux flowers.



Faux poinsettias in red and white.

Assorted fabric markers, paints, sprays, paint pens.

Spray glitter.

Paint brushes.


Your flowers will come in a bunch, don’t feel like you have to decorate each and every flower. Jeshua painted these for us, and he suggested only focusing on either one flower in the bunch, or one pedal on each flower. This will make your designs stand out.


Look at the detail! It’s so vibrant. You could even glue small crystals on these if you wanted to take it a step further. For the flowers you don’t paint, add a few light spritzes of spray glitter. Perfect for the holiday season!


For the red poinsettia set, we did the same, just paint one flower of the group. For this one, Jeshua used puffy paint to get those dimensional, even lines.


If you use puffy paint,make sure to let it dry before you touch it or use it!


Don’t they look so beautiful paired up? Great for a centerpiece, or together on a porch. This is such a happy way to add a Latin touch to your holiday decor!mexi-style-poinsettias7

Special thanks to Jeshua for making these for us! Make sure to follow him on Instagram! Have fun painting your poinsettias!


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  1. i could not believe when i walked into my kroger grocery store yesterday these glorious orange ,real poinsettas, where there and on the petals was sprinkeled glitter. they are breath taking. look into the million star project, out of samoa, which shows you how to make paper 8 pointed stars. this is also the star used in quilts. i like the poinsetta myth that is about poinsettas. actually read it in hs. spanish class. janeene 11/18/16.


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