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Soldered ‘Christmas Wish’ Necklace


This is the month for wishes to come true, right? This soldered Christmas Wish Necklace sets the intention. Write your wish, put it in the little jar, solder it, wear it! Talk about commitment! I’m a firm believer in manifestation, you have to set a destination for the universe!

 I bought a case of these little jars on Amazon (Mini Clear Glass Jars Bottles with Cork Stoppers) and also bought small eye pins to glue on top of the cork.

Christmas Wish Necklace by CraftyChica.com.


Micro Torch

Lead-Free Solder Wire & Flux

Fire brick

Goggles, gloves

Copper Tape

Small brush

Small glass jars with cork

Jump ring

Necklace chain

Paper, pen, small items to inside the jar (sequins, glitter)


Write your wish on a skinny strip of paper and roll it up around a pencil.


Insert in the jar and add embellishments. Use colorful paper to make your necklace bright and cheery! Glue the eye screws into the top of the cork and let dry.


Insert the cork and wrap the seal with copper tape. Make sure to burnish to get it as flat and smooth as possible.


Use a thin craft brush to coat the copper tape with flux.


Put on the goggles and gloves. Time to solder!


Read and follow the package directions for the Bernzomatic 3 in 1 Micro Torch to turn it on. Set it on top of the fire brick (or any other heat resistant surface). Let it warm up and then apply the tip to the solder until it melts.


Drop a bit onto the copper tape and then use the tool to drag the melted solder around the jar.


If you want, add tape and solder at the bottom on the jar so you can add a jump ring for a charm. You’ll need to add copper tape and flux to the jump ring as well. Add a bit of flux and a blob of solder on the bottom of the jar and using tweezers (or a third arm), hold it in place and solder it on.


Use a polishing cloth to remove any black soot.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of the bottom, just leave it as is!

Add a jump ring to the eye screw and chain or ribbon.

Christmas Wish Necklace by CraftyChica.com

You are all set – and so is your wish!

Christmas Wish Necklace by CraftyChica.com

I think these would be great to write universal wishes of happiness and give our to friends and family.

Christmas Wish Necklace by CraftyChica.com

Thanks for reading!

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