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Tortilla warmers, Amiga Angels, and more!



The past couple weeks have been so crazy with orders and Phoenix events! But it’s pushed me to create a lot of new items in my studio. Here are some of them! I’ll eventually have new versions of these in my Etsy store (which is now in vacation  mode until I can catch my breath!), but for now I’ll have them at two upcoming Phoenix events!

Phoenix Flea on Saturday, Nov. 26 (10 a.m.-5 p.m.) and Crafeteria on Dec 2. (6-10 p.m.).

I made some angels last year and they were such a hit, I painted more this year! These were the first to sell at our event at The Heard Museum last weekend. I think because everyone has so much election anxiety, angel statues help calm nerves, right? Who doesn’t need an angel? These all sold, but I’ll be making more – and even teaching a workshop on Dec 13 at Changing Hands in case you want to paint one yourself!

I used my silkscreens on a plate. I had made a whole bunch of designs a few years back and saved them, luckily those screens held up because look how cool this plate turned out?


And then I made a huge batch of Arizona ornaments. These sold quickly too. I made them super bright and cheery, with a bit of serape inspiration! I made ONE with the PHX letters, not sure if I can do more of those, I just happened to have some ceramic letters I made a while back and I used them on this piece. crafty-chica-art-201611

MAGNETS! These are layered resin magnets and I had fun with these because I first layered glittered shapes, then added the regular glitter. It gave them such a cool, dimensional look when they were finished and cured! I used all my own illustrations as well as Patrick’s.crafty-chica-art-201612

Tortilla warmers for the win! These are such a blast to paint. Each one has its own story. You simply place a towel inside and then your warm tortillas and it s keeps them hot and fresh!


I wrote this phrase inside this one because to me, there is no better feeling than to open a tortilla warmer and see a giant stack. They never run out because someone is always making more. Tortillas for everyone!crafty-chica-art-201619

I went a little crazy with the dimensional paint on this one. These are all fired ceramic pieces, therefore they are food safe. I think you could get a blank tortilla warmer, a plastic one, and paint the outside of it. Hmmm. I think I smell a tutorial coming up!handpainted-tortilla-warmer

These were a blast to make! I saw this technique on Pinterest and knew I had to try it. They look like embossed glass jars, right? I sold all of these, but had so much fun making them, I have a new batch coming up!


And here is a box Patrick made (and sold) called Eyes of Mexico.


Yesterday I visited the White House, more on that to come! Have a great day, everyone!


Broken ceramics – storytime

Mexi-Style Painted Poinsettias


10 thoughts on “Tortilla warmers, Amiga Angels, and more!”

  1. Crafty Chica, it’s so wonderful to see your creativiy that honors and celebrates our culture. With the current political temperature of our country today it reminds me that we have an obligation to our children to be PROUD and hold our heads Up high and celebrate us and who we are and not to let the negativity and incorrect assumptions about being MEXICAN be demeaning but take this opportunity to yet again rise above and show others our true colors and share our culture and remind our children what a gift it is to be Mexican and American. We live in Connecticut but come from Kansas, a small town where there’s a very healthy Mexican population and community. However here in Connecticut there’s not too many of us but more people that are Puerto Rican and of South American descent. So with that being said I miss so many things but I miss the community and feeling of belonging to a community where we are understood and I guess I just miss feeling “at home” so I really appreciate your ability to bring some of those feelings back to me!! At a time where I need that most so I can continue to instill our culture and our history and celebrate all the wonderful things and reasons it means to be Mexican and remind my children that we have so much to offer and so much heart and soul in who we are.. to be proud and honor what we are and who we are as a people. Community and coming together through things like this.. simple to some but just seeing the tortilla warmer all decked out in the colors and designs that is us… I love the warmth that comes off your page as I look at the Mexican art and how you incorporate the love of our culture and the love of being American! It’s great and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. It does my heart and soul good to see this so I wanted you to know that while you may be posting a craft per se… you’re doing so much more than that… you’re bringing to life feelings of warmth and community to those who maybe needed to be reminded that our culture is amazing and we have so much to offer while welcoming and educating those who may not know or have preconceived notions, ideas or perceptions about Mexican heritage and culture! Thank you so much for posting these really cool ideas and crafts that we can do as a family and come together to celebrate our heritage and be proud to be us.

  2. Those are angels are mighty bright, full of light, and extra love.

    I could use a few myself right now for me and others.

    Everything you make always has festive soul!!!

    Love them.


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