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DIY Sparkly Wine Glasses

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Chase Freedom Unlimited, all ideas and opinions for these DIY Sparkly Wine Glasses are my own!

I am in my crafty groove these days, making goodies for my friends and family, and these sparkly wine glasses are my project of the season! Wine glasses are affordable, and the sparkle of the crystals goes a long way. They are beautiful, chic, and the perfect WOW gift!

This idea came about because I was asked by Chase to come up with a fun and easy DIY holiday gift idea using Chase Freedom Unlimited. It’s not just your ordinary credit card – cardholders receive 1.5% cash back on all purchases! As you shop this holiday season, you are building a little something on the side for you. In this case, after I bought all my supplies for my wine glasses craft, I used my Cash Back rewards to buy myself a set of cute holiday wine charms!

OK, let me show you how to make these!



Wine glasses (you can buy these by the box or as singles).

Flat-backed glass crystals in your favorite color, about 36 per glass. They are sold in sizes of 100-500 in a package. NOTE: Do not use acrylic or plastic gems, they will become cloudy once you apply the glue. Stick with the glass crystals, they are prettier and will hold up strong!

Super glue.


Paper plate.

Soft cloth.

DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

Use the cloth to wipe down the glass so it is free of dust or debris. Place the crystals on a paper plate. Add three evenly-spaced dots of glue on one side of the glass.


Use the crayon to pick up a crystal and place it on the dot – just a dot, not a glob- of wet glue. TIP: Your crystals must be right side up. You can gently tap the plate to make the crystal flip over as needed. Make sure to leave room around the rim for people to drink their wine, do not apply crystals near the top of the glass.


When applying your crystals, use the “five” dice as inspiration to keep your crystals evenly spaced. Trust me, this tip works, otherwise it’s easy to get lost applying them. You want a clean, professional look, this will do it!

Once you finish one glass, finish the rest! Let them dry. To remove any glue strands from the crystals, gently roll your finger pad over the strand and it will come off.

DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

Beautiful! You can use these to serve wine at your next party, or wrap them up as a set to give as a gift. Hand wash as opposed to placing in the dishwasher.

DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

I gave these to my friend, Dania!


After all was said and done, I used my cash back to buy these wine charms! What I think is super cool about Chase Freedom Unlimited, is that it lives up to its name. There’s no minimum balance needed to redeem your Cash Back rewards!

DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

I’m really happy with this project. I was able to make and give a fancy handmade gift, plus treat myself to a little something as well. I’m excited to see what you do with this craft!

 DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

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