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‘Mood Status’ Party Hats

These glittery mood status party hats are ESSENTIAL to any grandiose celebration. Why? Because we all know our mood changes as the hours pass. We start off happy and cheery then maybe the food doesn’t settle right, or we sipped a bit too much champagne – or that weird guy won’t stop creeping on you.

You don’t have to do anything but wear the hat, people see it and approach with caution. Problem solved!

While I worked on these hats, it made me remember when I was pregnant with DeAngelo. Patrick and I attended a “homeboy-style” New Year’s Eve party. That first trimester works a number on your stomach, right, anything can trigger a nausea-friendly bathroom episode. A smell, a thought or memory.

Even the position of a tooth in a stranger’s mouth.

Well, this super tall, husky guy kept talking and talking to me. His breath reeked of beer and he kept going on with an elaborate story about his Christmas shopping tribulations. So. Many. Details.

I could handle that – but what I couldn’t handle was that he had a tooth growing out of the roof of his mouth. Right smack dab up there in the center.

I’m not hating on his chompers. Any other time, I wouldn’t give it a second thought. But , but for some reason my first trimester-prone tummy began to gurgle. The room seemed to sway, including me. He didn’t stop talking, he leaned in closer to my personal space. I swear that tooth winked at me with a smirk. Like it knew the power it had over me.

I felt my face drain of color. Nothing was in focus except… that one tooth.

Back to present day, while daydreaming about that episode, I looked down to see I made this hat.


Lord, I wish I had this mood status party hat at that time. I would have carried it in my purse for those three months because I would have come in handy. The other side says sácate – which means to go away. Because I’m trying to be bilingual and all that.

ANYWAY: All you do is put on a hat that fits your mood and everyone is warned! Or you can make your own hat to take to a party if you know your projected trajectory. Make a huge batch and set them up on a table for people to mix and match during the night.


I made one that says “La Chillona” for those guests who start to cry after a few glasses of wine. Keep their moods lifted with happy stories!

Actually, wouldn’t these be fun to make for Mother’s Day, so the family knows mom’s current emoji status?

I picked up a package of party hats, and they already had the glittered borders, so all I needed was a bottle of glittered dimensional paint.

Keep your phrases short because no one has time to read at a party, right? Think one or two words and use the paint to write them out. Let dry.

If you have bigger hats, you can glue pictures or put stickers. OH!

Maybe you set out a table of blank party hats and a sheets of labels and markers so your guests can write out their own mood status hats, and even place a new sticker on top of the old one if their mood changes throughout the night.

My husband says I go from giddy to energetic to weepy to forgetful when I party. LOL. Guess I would need several hats, including the one above. Or labels!















Happy New Year! Whether you are at home this weekend, with family or friends, I hope you ring in the New Year on a happy note!

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