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Mexican Christmas: Sweeten your life with this felt concha garland

How to make felt concha garland – because pastries on a Christmas tree are are sweet addition!

We let our conchas be our guide, right?

From jewelry to plushies, these colorful Mexican pastries were EVERYWHERE. So why not some concha garland for our holiday decor?

You can keep these out all year, I bet they’ll be a fun conversation piece. You can string them over a doorway, across a bookcase shelf, or even take them apart and give out to friends as a sign of everlasting friendship!

Ooooh! how about gluing a pin back to them to make a fun brooch, and then add some rhinestones and trinkets!

Supplies for felt concha garland

You’re going to need:

Tan (chocolate), cream (vanilla), yellow and hot pink felt.

Stuffing or batting.

Scissors, twine or ribbon.

Glue or a needle and thread.

How to make felt concha garland:

Start but cutting the felt into 4″ circles. Stitch or glue the ends of two tan pieces together, stuff, then stitch or glue shut. Then cut the faux dough topping.

Cut small pieces that look as if they belong together and then as if a knife slice them into pieces and they expanded during baking.

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Repeat to make more for the rest of your garland. Hot glue or stitch to ribbon or yarn.

Felt concha garland

Alternate the colors as desired. Lay them out so you can make sure you like the spacing and color variation.

You can even add sparkles, sequins, or whatever else you want!

Felt concha garland

Hang and enjoy!

Felt concha garland

I love these, I would totally buy them at a store, but I don’t have to! Handmade is way better! 

Thanks for checkingout my post about how to make felt concha garland!

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