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Waterless Snow Globes

Waterless Snow Globe DIY by Crafty Chica.

These waterless snow globes pack a punch in the visual department! And they take five minutes to assemble, here’s a video to see how to make them! This is a great project to use up collage sheets, ribbon, small odds and ends and more. I bought a case of mason jars at my local grocery store on sale! I think it could be fun to also insert a gift card in here!

NOTE: These images are from magnets I bought in Mexico. They are so cute, I made them into embellishments for this craft.

Click here for a link to the video below.

YouTube video


Mason jar with lid (Choose one that doesn’t have a lot of embossing so you can see the contents better)

Foam square

Hot glue


Holiday picks

Images printed on card stock



Glue the foam square to the inside of the lid.

Insert the holiday pick, then hot glue the image to a toothpick and insert. Or if you aren’t using an image, glue a small object on top of the foam.

Try to stick with only dry adhesives or hot glue, otherwise make sure the glue dries completely! If it doesn’t dry, it will stay wet forever inside the jar and warp your picture.

Waterless Snow Globe DIY by Crafty Chica.

I didn’t add fake snow to mine, but you can if you want! I think I am such a desert chica, I don’t even know how to register the thought of snow…Waterless Snow Globe DIY by Crafty Chica. Waterless Snow Globe DIY by Crafty Chica.

Use ribbon or twine to dress up the rim of the jar! What do you think? Are you excited to make these?

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