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I have some Afro-Latino music magic for you! These bands will fill your soul and spirit with life and full-bodied energy any time of the year. I researched and compiled some of the best artists out there right now. The list features a great mix of genres and artists, I really hope you give them a listen. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And if you want to learn more about Afro-Latin bands, check out this recent feature from NPR.

Here is the Spotify playlist:

Cuna de Vida, by Making Movies

These guys hail from Panama and Mexico, but cultivated their band in…KANSAS CITY! They have taken their passion for Afro-Caribbean style, Latin American folklore and crafted an upbeat, danceable sound with bilingual lyrics. Trivia – the name was inspired by the title of the 1980 Dire Straights album.


Champion Lover by Nina Sky

Dreamy, smooth and sexy is how to describe this Puerto Rican sister duo. They’ve toured all over the world, even right here in Phoenix! Read more abut them here.


Me Enamoro by Los Rakas, Stylo

You know a band is something special when they begin work on a album – and end up with a Grammy nomination by the end of the year for that very same album! Web site.

Mystery of Life by Nickodemus

This NYC DJ creates addicting electronic tunes that include influences from Bob Marley to Nina Simone and everything weird and wonderful in between. Here is his Fb page.


Fastidiado de lo Bien, by El Caribefunk

Ready to rock? This group from Colombia combines reggae and funk in a way that makes you want to host a Friday night backyard jump-up…on a Monday morning! Or any time of the day or week. Check out their web site here.


Las Espinas by Carolina Camacho

Combining jazz, Caribbean beats, and soulful undertones from her Dominican Republic homeland, Carolina delivers earthy tunes that will help you chill just when you need it most. Here’s an article by Remezcla about her!


109 by Yurby

This Bronx-based band has a sound that stops you in your tracks because you just gotta stop and catch the vibe. Yurby Aquino slays. She croons. Armed with a voice lined with invisible velvet, she makes us feel every emotion in every lyric. Now that’s power!


Invasión Costeña by Cynthia Montaño

This award-winning Colombian singer combines traditional folk with contemporary soul. Her personality shines through her music, making for a universal vibe to be loved!

Al Monte by PALO!

PALO! is a Miami-based band that calls their style “Afro Cuban Funk” and once you take a listen, you’ll know why.


All I want to do is go out dancing after listening to this entire playlist. This music offers so much joy and culture, doesn’t it leave you wanting more? Afro-Latino music is perfect for those itching for a new sound.

I hope you enjoyed each one of these artists and you go discover more of their amazing music. Step out of your comfort zone and experience new music! I have had that experience so many times and now I am obsessed with the music I never thought I’d listen to. I’d love to hear more about what’s currently on your playlist. What would you love to hear next?


Will Medina is a Phoenix resident with a passion for new and meaningful music. He always keeps up to date with current music and has been known to bust a move to some Top 40 hits from time to time.

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Love & light,

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  1. Thank you Will and Kathy! I love finding new music and adding it to my playlist and you always provide me with winners!

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together for us! All our souls need healing!! Thanks for this much needed medicine. ♥️

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