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DIY Herb Holder for Your Kitchen

We’re working on cooking more these days and I made this DIY herb holder to motivate us to use fresh ingredients! You’ll never believe what I used –  a serving tray and metal candle holders! I used bright colors to go with the theme of our kitchen and added chalkboard clips for the labels.

First glue the candle holders to the tray.

Let them dry for an hour. Use masking tape to hold them in place, if needed.

Spray paint the background, let dry.

Then spray paint the front and add accents if you want. Let dry! DO NOT spray inside the candle holders, that is where the herbs go.

Now, about these herbs. I used all of these for the photo, but really, only pull what you need from your garden. 

You can hang this on your kitchen wall to keep your herbs out of the way while you cook.

If these candleholders are too big, you can also use votive holders, they are much smaller! Thanks for checking out my project! Happy cooking!

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