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Here’s another resin jewelry DIY!

I haven’t made a resin jewelry DIY in a while, so I thought I’d share some recent pieces I made. These necklaces, bracelets, and rings are from the recent Creativation show from January. The folks at Ice Resin asked me to play with some of their new products and I ended up using each and every little bit they sent! I sent them pictures and they bought everything I made for the show booth!

Here is a video tutorial I made showing how I made the pieces!

YouTube video

I used this kit, and a variety of bezels and papers. Some were from Ice Resin, and others were ones I painted and printed.

Resin jewelry DIY by CraftyChica.

Setting up: Make sure to line your workspace with wax paper. Coat all your papers and pictures with sealer so the resin won’t seep through (unless you want that look!). Glue the backgrounds in place. Mix equal parts of the resin and slowly fold it for a few minutes until it’s well blended. Don’t whip it, because you’ll create a lot of gas bubbles – those are a pain to remove.

Once you mix your resin, let it set for about 10 minutes, that will get rid of the gas bubbles, you can also use a straw to blow them out.Resin jewelry

Use the little spatula to add a bit of resin at the bottom of the bezel and continue until it’s filled. Sometimes I fill mine half way so I can add another image, it gives more dimension because of the layering.Resin earrings

The secret to make your resin “dome” is to let it sit until it’s thick and gooey, but still able to pour. Then add a drop on top of your project and it will spread and curve beautifully around the edges!

These are bottle caps I used from Forbidden Root, a friend sent them to me! I love resin because you can use just about anything to make a bezel. If you watch my video, you can see where I made bezels from wrapped wire, then used duct tape on the back. Once the resin cures, you simply peel away the tape.

Resin jewelry DIY Tutorial to make an open back resin pendant.

Resin-filled bottle caps.

I also added in crystals! For the bottle caps I embedded them in the front, and on the pendants, I glued crystal trim all around the bezel. Thanks for reading and watching my resin jewelry DIY video!

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