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How to Paint a Frida Planter

Here is how to paint a Frida planter! Even beginners can tackle this project, it just takes a bit of time and patience. These Frida-inspired planters were a blast to paint. So much color! I’ve been seeing a lot of “face planters” and I wanted to create my own version. I started with four blank bisque planters, if you don’t have a kiln, just use craft paint on terra cotta pots. and started by using a pencil to sketch my design on each one.

Supplies for how to paint a Frida planter:

Terra cotta flower pot or other bisque planter

For fired ceramics, you’ll need underglazes. For a terra cotta planter, you can use craft paint.

Round brush, thin liner brushes

Spray gloss varnish for non-fired ceramics

Start by sketching your design.

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Draw an egg-shaped circle, fill with skin toned color, let dry. Draw a line in pencil down the center, and then a line across.

Use a pencil to draw the eyes on the horizontal line. Sketch out the brows.

Add the white for the eyes and then fill in the rest of the design.

Then add the details of the face. Erase the pencil lines.

I added a Frida quote on the back.

[tweetthis]”I paint flowers so they will not die.” – Frida Kahlo[/tweetthis]

You can use these as planters, or to hold hairbrushes on your vanity, or spatulas in your kitchen. 

You can even use the base as a lid to create a box or jar type of container.

Thanks for checking out my post of how to paint a Frida planter!


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