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My contributions to Facebook’s Messenger Day!

I’ve been part of a secret Facebook Messenger team for the past few months and the project launched today! It’s called Messenger Day! To learn all about it and see example of how it works, check out the page! If you use the Messenger app already, make sure to update it to get the all the new features. Much like Instagram or Snapchat stories, you can create a video/photo diary all day – BUT what makes Messenger Day different is you can personalize it by choosing from thousands of stickers (overlays). Here’s a video that shows it!


We invited some inspiring creators to use the new Messenger camera and add some flair to their photos and videos with Messenger-exclusive art and effects. Make sure to check out the new frames on Messenger, inspired by Aidan Alexander, Griffin Arnlund, Natalie-Tasha Thompson, Fashion By Ally, Crafty Chica by Kathy Cano-Murillo and other amazing creators!

Posted by Messenger on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I absolutely loved being part of the behind-the-scenes action. First, you need to download the Messenger app, or if you already have it, make sure it is updated. You can take video or pictures, add overlays, frames, text and filters (more than 5,000 to choose from!), then simply click on the blue arrow when yu are done to add it to your “day.” Then you decide who you want to see it, and click on their name.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! During the first meeting, we pitched ideas for stickers and two of mine were chosen!

The first one is “craftastrophe” it celebrates the art of the creative process – what happens in the quest to achieve the perfect DIY project. If you look close you can see it has paper scraps, confetti strewn around the corners. Those of us who are crafty are always sharing the process portion of what we are making, so I’m thrilled the Messenger team appreciated that!

TRIVIA: The photo I used is from the Phoenix Craft Rave last year at Changing Hands Bookstore!

The other one is “Stay Gold.” It’s all about knowing that you have a heart of gold and when you practice kindness and show love and positivity, you will stay gold inside and out. It’s about keeping true to who you are, not letting the negative things or people tarnish your spirit.

Miranda Poocha sent me this, she used it on her graduation day!

If you use either one of these, tag me because I want to share them here!

Another thing I loved about this experience was meeting all the other influencers.

Ally Chen from FashionByAlly.com


I started my cyber career as a mom and full-time employee for a corporate newspaper. It took me a few years to build my brand to leave that 9-5, and do this full-time. While working on this project, I met these brilliant kids who juggle homework, jobs, and business contracts at the same time. I’m so impressed and so proud of all of them. I learned all I could from their fresh perspectives!

Griffin Arlund

These stickers are soooo cute! I really respect the Messenger team for curating a diverse team of influencers from different genres, backgrounds, ages, genders, ethnicities to work on this project.

As we walked around the Facebook building, I noticed that this mindset is a way of life. These signs are everywhere for all the employees to see and embrace! I also learned that the mission of Facebook is to foster authentic, organic conversations.

And here are more signs. They had a sign shop where they print all of these.

We also visited the Instagram building and had a moment to snap a photo!

One of the seating areas. Lots of window and sunlight everywhere to inspire clear, fresh thinking!

More posters!

Thanks for reading through this and going on this journey with me! Don’t forget tolet me know if you check out the app, and how you like it! And tag me if you use the stickers, I can’t wait to see. Thank you so much to Facebook for inviting me to be involved!


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