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NOTE: Giveaway has ended, thank you to all who entered!

I have a Moana movie giveaway today for four people! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Disney movie and why you love it, and I’ll randomly choose four people tonight to receive a digital download of Moana. Disney will mail it to your home!

Moana has become one of my favorite Disney films. She (Moana) is a headstrong teen who challenges her role in her community, and even with her family in order to explore a legend that goes back generations.

There is a deep secret that no one will talk about, even though it threatens to take away all they know and love. Moana is chosen by the spirits of her ancestors to rise up, confront and settle the issue. There are all the Disney elements we love – danger, nail-biting action, the silly sidekick (an adorable piggy), a wise and quirky grandma, a foe – this is where The Rock comes in…and a villain. But there is a beautiful twist to that.

Moana celebrates the strength and beauty of the female spirit. We are the leaders, we are fearless, emotional and smart!

I can’t wait to watch Moana again! OK, don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want to enter to win a copy!

Here is the video trailer.

Side note: I visited Disney Studios last week and watched a screening of Beauty and the Beast, more on that to come!

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  1. Beauty and the Beast is a favorite, it has a heart warming country touch to it. But I gotta say that there’s a bunch more of Disney movies that I also favor.

  2. Aurora is my name so Sleeping Beauty is my favorite. Not just because of my name sake but the storyline being adopted out of my family yet they keep a watch. But Moana has warmed a spot in my entire family’s heart. To follow your heart’s desires is our mantra.

  3. Oh, thanks for an opportunity to think about this question. I think my favorite is probably Ariel or Under the Sea because it is the first one I remember my daughter singing at age 2 or 3. Belting it out in the back seat of the car.
    Beautiful memory.
    I will be visiting her this week in Manhattan so it would be fun to be able to watch this with her.
    Thank you

  4. Hola – I hope this counts – my favorite Disney movie is Mary Poppins! She was so sweet, but strong, magical yet practical. I love her. And can’t wait for the remake!

  5. Actually, Moana is my favorite. It fits in so beautifully with what is going on in America right now–strong females standing up. Moana is not your typical Disney Princess story. I also love that the females have female bodies–not model bodies. Last, but not least, I adore the music!

  6. Currently my favorite is Zootopia because of all the diversity of all the different characters. Especially loved the determination of Officer Judy, working towards her goals of becoming an officer, great storyline for kids, anything can be possible if you set your mind to it.

  7. I have two boys and when they were growing up we watched “The Jungle Book” over and over. I love everything about the movie!!!

  8. My favorite would have to be Mulan. She proved that women can be warriors just as much as the men. She fought for her family and her country. She’s a perfect example how a women will put family first and protect them by any means necessary. Oh and she didn’t need a prince to save her ????

  9. My new favorite Disney Film is Inside Out. I watched it on one of our monthly auntie (me) and niece dates. I enjoyed the movie as much as the preteens (although they won’t admit that now). It was emotional just like the subject of the film and I found myself rooting out loud for the main character.
    I would love to win a copy of Moana the movie.

  10. As a little girl I watched The Little Mermaid all the time, and when I got older, I was so happy to see a bookworm like me as a heroine in Beauty and Thr Beast. (I still want a Library like that.) As an adult, I love to see the increasing diversity and change in womens’/girls’ roles in Disney films! My mom lived in Hawaii for a time, which shaped her life greatly, and, in turn, shaped mine. I haven’t had a chance to see Moana yet, but want to!

  11. My favorite movie is The Jungle Book. My children knew all the music. They showed beautiful children of color. Loved it. My children could relate.

  12. Today I’ll say Mulan is my favorite, but that’s mostly because it’s the one I watched most recently. I love that Donny Osmond sings one of the songs, but mostly I love Mulan for choosing something hard and bucking tradition for the benefit of her father and family. She doesn’t set out to prove girls can do what boys can do; she just wants to protect her father.

    And then there’s Mushu who desperately wants to shed the mantle of failure that others won’t let him forget. It sucks to be negatively and relentlessly branded by others.

    I love these characters!

  13. My favorite Disney movie has to be Robin Hood. Growing up I could watch that movie over and over. Love it even more now as an adult because of the memories I get to create watching it with my children.

  14. My favorite animated Disney movies are Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland. They’re timeless!
    My favorite non-animated movie is The Three Lives of Thomasina, about a cat who seems to have many lives. It’s a good tear-jerker!

  15. My favorite has always been Cinderella! I still have my Disney book/LP from 1969 when I was 3! It was just the most beautiful movie to me. ????

  16. My favorite Disney movie is Toy Story. I think it was groundbreaking and so different than the other Disney movies made up until that point. It was a true Original Disney movie.

  17. Brave- a strong message for girls, especially. And colorfully beautiful! It appeals to my Scottish heritage!

  18. Hi,
    I would love to have the ‘Moana’ digital movie for my little girl…
    My favorite has always been Jungle Book, thats the only one i could watch without being distracted at all as a kid. Thats where i learnt so much about all the different animals, it made me more curious as a little child, i wanted to meet each one of them 🙂 I loved all animals then on and till date. I was in awe about how Mowgli survived in the jungle with all those wild animals…living in a big city of Mumbai, India, i had very little knowledge of village kid like Mowgli..
    I definitely learnt a lot from ‘The Jungle Book’

  19. Is it bad to say this 51 year old woman wants this movie? Or maybe I should say I want to win it for my 3 year old niece. 😉

  20. I would love to win this! My all time favorite disney movie is the Lion King, but Beauty and the Beast is a close second.

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