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Stenciled Boho Box & Inspiring Scents for Your Creative Space

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My art studio is my sacred space, every aspect has to have a special touch, which is why I made this stenciled boho box! Built by a woodworker friend, I brought the box to life by layering it with all my favorite colors, then topped it with dimensional modeling paste and stencils. It came out so beautiful and adds to the happy vibe of my creative studio.

It’s important to me to incorporate all the senses when I’m working:

Sight: Textures and inspiring decorations.

Touch: All the supplies I work with and the magic they create!

Taste: I pack a tray of fruits and veggies to munch on while I work. It helps me avoid eating junk food!

Sound: A playlist like this:

And of course, smell! Like the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade®. I’ll explain more about this after I show you how to decorate the box.

The cool thing about this technique is you can use any box you can find, even cans! Just give them a base coat and then apply the stencil and paste on top to give them new life.

SUPPLIES: Box, craft paint, stencils (use a different one for each side), fluffy modeling paste, palette knife.

Look at how easy it is – simple set the stencil down, hold it in place with your fingers, then apply the paste over the top. The paste is so thick, it will secure the stencil while you cover the rest of the design. When it comes to the paste, you can use a white base and add craft paint as a tint. In this case, I found paste that came in black.

Once it’s all covered, peel away the stencil. Carefully wipe away any paste hanging over the edges.

Boho style is all about contrast. So I used different base coats, stencils and paste for each side. This gold is gorgeous! Let your box dry for at least an hour.

It came out fabulous, a perfect addition to my art studio! But you know what? For the full experience, I like to also incorporate smell. My art room is a blank canvas until I incorporate my favorite surroundings. If my room smells nice, it energizes my creativity. I gasped a bit when I came across this the NEW Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade®. Each one is curated and artisanal scents, crafted and layered with ingredients by world-renown fragrance designer Ann Gottlieb. I feel like it was made for chicas like me! Airy and artsy!

It comes in four scents, and each is available as a jar candle or as PlugIns® Scented Oil: N°1 Enraptured™, which is jasmine and cedarwood; N°3 Free™, which is coconut and beach Woods.

I bought the other two (you can find them in the air care aisle at the grocery store):

N°2 Bright™ (for my writing and computer area). It’s made of Sweet Pea and Pear and has a very light, fresh scent.

N°4 Tempted™ (for the art room). This one is patchouli and amber and has a velvety aroma. Oh my gosh, it fits perfect with the bohemian essence I love.

Even the design is lovely. They look like they came from a trendy boutique. Both of these candles calm me and help me relax and create, the only problem is then I don’t want to leave the room – ever. It’s my little escape for the big, crazy world. There is nothing better than to stay in your favorite space and do what makes you happy. For me, it’s my art room and making more stenciled boxes!

To see more about the new Glade candles, check out their social media!

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