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Create A Candy Buffet Party Your Guests will L-O-V-E!

By Wendy Dessler, special for CraftyChica.com

Here’s how to create the perfect candy buffet party. They are magical, creative, unique, fun, and the life of any gathering. You have probably seen dozens of candy buffets for holidays, weddings, parties, and celebrations. One area that is sometimes overlooked is the glitz candy buffet.  While the event is a party for girls, the theme is glitz and glitter. That single difference is what makes the glitz candy buffet a unique and wonderful experience for the creator and their guests.

How to have a candy buffet party!

There is polyester glitter to decorate with and edible glitter to use in the candy buffet party itself!


If this is your first candy buffet party, you will need:

  • A table (usually) six feet long.
  • A table covering and a backdrop (more on this later).
  • A fantastic centerpiece How to make candy roses   How to make a candy tree with lights
  • The back of the table will hold four to six larger clear containers. They will be the tallest of the group but be careful to ensure the guests can easily scoop the candy out.
  • The center of the table holds two or three containers on each side of the centerpiece depending on their size. They should be shorter and maybe wider than the back row containers.
  • The front section is for trays, gift boxes or take-home bags and this is where you can stage some special one-of-a-kind treats you create yourself.

You should choose two or three colors to stay with. Different hues of those colors are okay but do not go to more than three colors. Lots of pink, purple, gold, lavender, teal or other girly colors are popular. Your table covering can be a single fabric cloth, but we suggest either a second cloth turned with the corner hanging down the front, or the use of draped material to frame the table and consider attaching glue on or press on jewels to add more glitz. The backdrop should be similar to the draping of the table covering, staged on the wall behind the table high in the middle to create a triangle shape. Use sparkly ribbons, jewels, twinkle lights, foil decorations, feathers, bows, or streamers to pull the backdrop together, use similar props on the table top.

Candy Buffet Bulk Candy

Order your candy from an online bulk candy supplier in large enough quantities to fill your needs. Let them know you are looking for things that sparkle, shine, and pop. Rock candy is perfect and it is available in pieces, and on paper sticks. It makes a nice display. Ribbon candy is good, as is foil covered chocolates. Figure on 8-ounces of candy per person.

DIY fun for your candy buffet party

Cotton Candy Cones by CraftyMorning.com

Consider using ice cream cones and scoops of cotton candy for a cool candy treat. Sprinkle with sparkly colored sugar.

Make candy kebobs, like this!

Glitter-dipped cups from evite.com

Instead of gift bags, use color coordinated Make candy kebobs, like this!, Spray the bottom section (not the underside where the cup sits on the table) with spray glue and roll the cups in fine glitter or sequins to create glitzy takeaway candy.  

Extra shine and sparkle for the table

Painted chimney lamps by crafty chica

Painted chimney lamps like this add an extra glow, and firefly mason jars made from LED lights (available at any craft or department store) add extra glitz. Use ribbon and bows to decorate the lids. You can string some of the LED lights along your backdrop too.

Magic Bottles by Moonfrye.com
Magic Bottles by Moonfrye.com.

Another fun idea is to put small, clear bottles of water and glycerin (with tightly sealed lids) on the table. Put colored beads or glitter in the bottle. Decorate the top if you would like to. Give the bottles a shake from time to time and you have a really fun interactive table decoration.


How about playing some candy-themed movies and in the background? Here are some titles to choose from:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (of course!)


Wreck-It Ralph

Forrest Gump

You have just created a glitz candy buffet party that your guests will never forget!
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